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Round 1 Announcements

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We have 2 minor but noticeable policy/rule/precedent changes beginning at the conclusion of the 2016 elections. 


First, the admin team will no longer accept requests for action of any sort on a 3rd party platform such as Discord. If you need to submit a campaign schedule in an unusual method (most commonly if you're afraid you won't be able to meet a deadline and the schedule thread is still locked) you can absolutely send me a Private Message on this site, but not on Discord, text message, or any other method not backed up on this website. Beginning after this election, we will begin declining all requests on Discord in lieu of a support ticket or PM to the appropriate admins (please also CC me in the PM, it's not considered going above that admin's head to do so). Let me emphasize ALL: even gameplay questions should also please be made as a post in the OOC forum. This policy will greatly reduce things falling between the admin team cracks, provides much better admin accountability, prevents admins from repeating each other or unintentionally contradicting one another, and also ensures that there is appropriate record and time stamps of the request. I understand that this may take a little adjustment for players and admins alike, so if we can work together to hold ourselves accountable on this as a community it would go a long way.


Second, any images or files uploaded to a post that have important information for the post must also include a text description in the post. This is most common with player social media and campaign schedules. It's very important to note that this rule should not stifle your creativity. If anything the creativity of our community is our strongest aspect and the last thing I want to do is diminish that. However, eventually we will reach a point where uploaded images are pruned from the site's cloud storage, it is important that there remains a text description of the post's message.


Thank you all for your understanding. I know these changes may seem inconvenient but they are important for the long term sustainability of the game. If there are any questions, please ask in the OOC forum.

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On Thursday at 7pm eastern we will be holding a roundtable on Discord hosted by the media characters of @SWMissourian and @Dogslife with participation by both Presidential campaigns @ADG and @Chris. All 2016 election results including analysis by the hosts and participants will be first announced in this roundtable but the county-level results will be posted to the boards likely the following day. 

The roundtable will be held on this Discord channel on the GPS server: https://discord.gg/qKHvvtW


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Game Schedule

2016: 7/6/19 - 8/26/19
2017: 8/29/19 - 10/27/19
2018: 10/30/19 - 1/6/20
2019: 1/9/20 - 3/8/20
2020: 3/11/20 - 5/10/20


115th Congress (2017-2018)

September 1: Congress Opens
December 13: Congress Adjourns

116th Congress (2019-2020)

January 10: Congress Opens
April 25: Congress Adjourns


2018 Election Schedule (Senate Class I)

August 31: Mid-session (4 hours)
September 7: Mid-session (4 hours)
September 14: Mid-session (4 hours)
September 21: Mid-session (4 hours)
September 28: Mid-session (4 hours)
October 5: Mid-session (4 hours)
October 12: Mid-session (4 hours)
October 19: Mid-session (4 hours)
October 26: Mid-session (4 hours)
November 2: Mid-session (4 hours)
November 9: Mid-session (4 hours)
November 16: Mid-session (4 hours)
November 23: Mid-session (4 hours)
November 30: Mid-session (4 hours)
December 5: Senate Filing Deadline (No campaigning)
December 7: Senate Primary (24 hours, if necessary)
December 10: Turn 1 (20 hours)
December 13: Turn 2 (20 hours)
December 16: Turn 3 (20 hours)
December 19: Turn 4 (20 hours)
December 22: Turn 5 (20 hours)
December 28: Election Day Results

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