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2018 Registered Lobbyist Groups

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The following groups are active for the 115th Congress and through the 2018 elections.


Conservative Groups

US Business Advocates (USBA)
Budget: $350 million

  • Promotes lower business taxes
  • Supports free trade
  • Opposes tariffs
  • Advocates for tax loopholes
  • Opposes government regulation in business
  • Opposes Obamacare

Military-Industrial Complex Association (MICA)
Budget: $250 million

  • Supports expanding military spending
  • Advocates generally for interventionist and neoconservative foreign policy
  • Advocates for veteran issues

Polluters Anonymous (PA)
Budget: $150 million

  • Advocates for the interests of industries such as manufacturing, coal, oil, etc
  • Opposes environmental protection actions

Coalition of Christian Values (CCV)
Budget: $250 million

  • Supports conservative social issues


Progressive Groups

Workers Coalition (WC)
Budget: $250 million

  • Promotes lower personal taxes
  • Opposes free trade
  • Supports higher and new tariffs
  • Advocates for closing tax loopholes
  • Supports government regulation in business

World Peace Dreamers (WPD)
Budget: $250 million

  • Supports reducing military spending
  • Advocates generally for pacifist foreign policy
  • Supports an increase in America's role in international organizations

Green Future Alliance (GFA)
Budget: $250 million

  • Supports environmental protection actions
  • Supports Obamacare and healthcare expansion

Defenders of Civil Liberties Union (DCLU)
Budget: $250 million

  • Supports progressive social issues

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