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2016 Endorsement Applications

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Bill Bloom, CO

As Senator, my first piece of legislation will be to lower the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent. This will lead to increased capital, innovation, productivity, and wages.

Sen. Grant Pinnacle, Majority Leader

Republican | ARKANSAS

Instagram | Press Office | Website


Lt. Col. Bill Bloom

Former Candidate for U.S. Senate | COLORADO

Twitter | Press Office | Website

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OOC: I'll make it official and do warchest donations tomorrow, but with only one candidate applying in both races deciding the endorsement becomes a lot easier. Congrats @Chris and @Pinnacle.


NOTE: Don't assume the entirety of the group's remaining money to go to you. On a case by case basis they may also make another donation to a candidate they have previously endorsed in another race.

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President Granata Tillman Granata Granata Tillman Tillman Tillman Tillman
Arkansas Thorne Valentine Valentine - - Thorne - -
Colorado Bloom - - Bloom Powell Powell Powell Powell
Illinois Morse Morse - - James James James James
Missouri Madison - Madison Madison Madison Porter Porter Porter
Nevada Barilla Barilla Barilla Barilla Murray - Murray Murray
New Hampshire Whitaker Whitaker - - - - Manongalia Manongalia
North Carolina Ross Ross Ross - Randall Randall - Randall
Pennsylvania - - Tyler Tyler Tyler - Roman Roman

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