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  1. I lean towards keeping 2 week years--though I could get on board with the idea of occasionally "time warping" things--but another discussion, perhaps. RL can get a bit busy for us all, and I'm concerned that if we only have a 2 week Congress and elections every 2 weeks, people may get overwhelmed and only the most active players will participate. That said, I'll go with the opinion of the majority of this and I don't have strong personal objections--I just have a few concerns.
  2. Brown

    Brandon Brown

    -Brother of Josiah Brown -The strongest of all his brothers -Not the brightest--well, intellectually, but does possess a practical wisdom the other Browns lack--but does not have a full grasp on the more abstract aspects of philosophy, etc. -Handsome, tall, etc. -Skilled solider -Impulsive -Loves to stuff his face with anything, but fortunately for him (for now) he's in his 20s and his physical activity keeps him in great shape -Out of all the Brown Brothers, he is the least interested in politics and the most interested in physical activity. -When not d
  3. I really like this idea personally. Perhaps even we could extend the IC implications so that if there is a split by states, the admins can determine that policy x goes into effect in y state but not z state. Maybe I'm over complicating that--but I do like that proposal. I have really enjoyed the state assembly aspect of the game so far, but I agree the lack of engagement and opposition makes it rather easy to run one's own little empire in the game which is not useful. So I support this proposal and definitely would like to see it fleshed out and am behind the overall concept.
  4. -Uncle to Josiah Brown -Currently serves as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania -Respected jurist, one of the most intelligent in PA and perhaps generally in New England. Is widely respected for his scholarship, written opinions, and legal analyses. -While he generally stays out of political affairs, his rulings have had a slight Federalist bent to them on the PA bench and many suspect that he is the most Federalist of the Brown family. -Despite staying directly out of political affairs, he is known to be very ambitious and is easil
  5. -Anglican/Episcopalian priest -Young abolitionist voice in Pennsylvania -Close friend and confidant of Josiah Brown -Member of the PA State Legislature, taking over Josiah's seat after Josiah became a member of the US House of Representatives -A kind man, but strong in his convictions and zeal for his causes
  6. Brown

    Carson Brown

    Brown Multi (Business 1 task allows creation w/o cost to surrogate points) -Middle brother of the Brown Family -Has a mind for business -Struggles with his stutter, making him generally shy--feels more comfortable around his ledgers (Full bio may come later)
  7. Brown

    Peter Brown

    Multi-Character (Point Given by New Player 4 Quest) -Journalist, Lead Editor and Owner of The Philadelphia Press -Intelligent--but has more power with the use of the written word rather than personal speeches -Eldest of the Brown Brothers, Brother to Josiah and Peter. (extended bio to follow, potentially)
  8. Brown

    Josiah Brown

    Born in Philadelphia as the son of a successful lawyer, Josiah received a quality education with all of his needs taken care of in his childhood. In his teenage years, however, he dismayed his parents as he became more and more enamored with Independence movements and, when the War of Independence broke out, he enlisted in the Continental Army at the age of 16, much to the dismay of his parents. Despite achieving little notable martial success during the Revolutionary War, his zeal, positive attitude, and kindness attracted the attention of his superiors and he eventually was granted a C
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