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  1. Not only would SWM need to do weekly updates, I would need to file weekly North American Company reports, and that's already getting unwieldy :P
  2. This is actually something I toyed with when I was working on my own historical game. Basically, when the round starts to die out, rather than resetting you would essentially sit down and talk (briefly) with players about what goals they would pursue over a set period of time, and then take into consideration the state of the country at the end of the round. If it's more/less advanced than it would be historically at that point, the structures the economy has taken, the political divisions and what not, etc. and then sim twenty-thirty years out like you were writing a work of alt-history. That
  3. I'm not opposed to future time warps, but I like the two weeks to a year model.
  4. Choronzon

    John Abrams

    John Abrams was born on September 1, 1730 to Thomas Abrams and Matilda Abrams and is the older brother of James Gideon Abrams and uncle to Gordon and Jeremiah Abrams. Like most of the Abrams family, John received an excellent private education as a youth - in a break from his other family members, John was sent to Great Britain where he studied law at Oxford, and then became an employee of the British East Indi Company. Due to his legal background and willingness to work on the subcontinent, John was eventually appointed as one of the British advisors to Muhammad Ali Khan Wallajah, the British
  5. How dare you even imply that there is a 'ME' state. :P Also, yeah, it's a reasonable idea I think.
  6. Choronzon

    Jeremiah Abrams

    Jeremiah Abrams is the second oldest living son of James Gideon Abrams and the younger sibling of Gordon Abrams. Like most other members of his family, Jeremiah attended Harvard University after an extensive private education. While Jeremiah showed himself to be perfectly qualified for scholarly work at Harvard, he quickly grew disinterested in the work and dedicated himself to more physical hobbies. At fourteen, under the assumed named of Henry Bathurst, Jeremiah Abrams left his family home to serve in the Continental Army, eventually seeing heavy combat during the New Jersey, Philadelphia, a
  7. Choronzon

    Ricardo Camden

    Ricardo Camden was born in 1764 in London to middle class parents that relocated to Boston, Massachusetts in 1767. Maturing as the American Revolution happened, Camden became an ardent supporter of the Revolution and eventually fell into the orbit of James Gideon Abrams, the Boston intellectual and revolutionary. Abrams eventually paid Camden's way through Harvard and introduced him to Boston's political society, though Camden spent most of his time assisting Abrams in the writing and production of pro-revolutionary pamphlets. Over time, Camden evolved into Abrams' mouthpiece (though Abrams wa
  8. Choronzon

    Gordon Abrams

    Gordon Abrams is the oldest living son of James Gideon Abrams, an American intellectual and politician. Like his father, Gordon is a graduate of Harvard University and an advocate of more representative politics, but unlike his father Gordon spent the majority of the Revolution as a junior officer within the Continental Army, seeing action during the Southern Campaigns. After the war, Gordon joined a number of mercantile firms in Boston and developed a solid head for business. As of 1788, Abrams has become a partner to his father's printing press and is currently the managing partner. While hi
  9. (No professional background fit this character to a tee, so I picked Politics/Law as the closest equivalent) George Gideon Abrams was born on August 17, 1738 in Braintree, Massachusetts, the second son Thomas Abrams and his second wife, Matilda Abrams. The Abrams were a long-standing and wealthy family with ties to earlier colonial practices, and had grown wealthy due to deep connections to the fur and lumber trade. Abrams' parents raised him as a staunch Calvinist and with the hope that he would eventually follow his father as a member of the clergy, though from an early age young Abrams s
  10. Choronzon


    I'm going to post an LOA, even if it's late - I am reducing the activity here to catch up with a lot of other stuff, but I do plan on sticking around so this is just my indicator of that.
  11. Sure, sure, I get that - I just mean in the sense that if that's what's happening on the Hill it would probably bleed over to the rest of the game in a big way.
  12. Agreed with Fitz on doing it every IC year being a bit much - maybe every two could work. As to this question, I think it would get pretty boring if the Presidential election became budget based. Otherwise, I don’t really care.
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