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  1. The presidents agenda is the best possible agenda for the national economy along with everyday Americans interests @FrankP
  2. My goal is to help the president to enact his agenda
  3. Mav

    Josh Lyman

    Character Name: Josh Lyman Party: Republican State: Illonoise Age in 2018: 55 Previous Job: Business (Entrepreneur, Banker, Wall Street Executive, Farmer, Miner, etc) Wealth: Upper Class Race/Ethnicity: White/European Religion: Christian (Catholic) Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Are you married?: Yes How many children do you have?: 2 Professional career: I am a former Goldman Sachs executive and Berkshire Hathaway executive Education: BS in Business management from Notre Dame, Duke business school with an MBA in Global Executive, Georgetown Law School in Finical Law Former position Illinois senator 2000-2015 View full character
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