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  1. CWard

    FAMILY Act

    Mr. President Second for cloture and yield
  2. It takes a lot to reform anything. You’ve got to have total buy in and we didn’t have it when I was Governor. Republican legislators wouldn’t let us get it through on either issue. That’s not a critique to the party in general but it is the facts (OOC: are Republican strategy on tenants rights currently) What we do is we press our goals and then work through legislative process. In this country we have a long history of executive and legislative working together for common goals. I think education reform and tenants rights are attainable goals that both parties should hope to get done. In specific on tenants rights, you can legislate minimum standards. Our vision, your action.
  3. CWard


    While I understand that we must take a stand against tyrannical governments; it is imperative that we do so without committing ourselves to further war1/3 This country has been in almost two decades of direct war. A third campaign of boots on the ground isn’t in America’s best interest. 2/3 I trust the President; and at this time she’s never hinted at a desire to commit troops. However, preemptively I will say no to direct escalation.
  4. On education I believe we need to reform the way we fund schools and the way we educate. I think we need to ensure that every school is funded. What we have done historically is fund public schools through property taxes. Through redlining of the past, we ensured the minority communities were kept in the poorest areas and thus their schools weren't funded as well. This continued a systemic cycle of poverty. The way that we combat many of our ills is by providing a good education. But we also need to be honest that college isn't the only path to success. I think when we reform education we need to discuss pathways to success: trade, college, or military service. All three are different but our public schools should focus on preparing students for the next step. What that also means is that we have to prepare students for future jobs too. Automation is changing the way that we work. We need to make sure that when students graduate they are ready to enter the work force or higher education. One of the best ways that we grow jobs is by looking at green jobs. My goal is that we could reduce carbon emissions and grow the workforce. Capitalism meets creation care. I'm pro-union. I think organized labor is good for the people. On housing, I think we're still recovering from the disaster of the Bush administration. I also believe that a federal tenants bill of rights would be landmark for this country. In Mr. Pinnacle's state a landlord doesn't have to make repairs and can still be paid in full. I think we need to go after slumlords; true slum lords.
  5. I believe that we should take a doctoral approach to the issue. Our first action should be to "do no harm". Ultimately it is vital that we as a government protect their self-governance. Through self-governance tribes are able to preserve their rich heritage and history.
  6. I believe strongly in caring for our natural resources. As a Christian, I believe we are tasked from our first day in Creation care. Making sure that our federal lands are well maintained and protected is my number one priority. Second, I believe our Native American tribes deserve to be especially cared for. We need someone who will make sure they are represented and their affairs are addressed promptly. In Arkansas we have both a deep natural blessing and a strong Native heritage. It’s an honor to serve.
  7. Mr. President Second the move for cloture and yield
  8. CWard


    Also congrats Senator. You just gave your constituents another twenty six cents per day. “Don’t spend it all in one place” What an absolute joke.
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