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  1. Also, per the above, it looks like they wouldn't be really be able to give us anything beyond a token force in terms of troops, though we'd be allowed to base and launch operations out of any of their countries.
  2. I'd just like to say, I'd support a no fly zone but I don't think a straight up invasion is in our best interests, and could get quite chaotic and out of control (not to mention wildly unpopular politically at home).
  3. @Michael @Batman A no fly zone was brought up in Venezuela. There's diplomatic support for it in South America. Your thoughts? If this is the path we want to go down, it is something that is possible and will work well with our allies on that continent.
  4. Mr. President, I must rise against this piece of legislation. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a major part of the effort to prevent the crisis from 2008 from happening again- protecting the consumer against banks that become too big to fail. The big banks always have their lobbies, their high-powered Wall Street laywers, and their money. But the average middle class consumer? The teacher making $48,000 a year in Phoenix does not have a lobbyist 3,000 miles away, in Washington D.C. The union worker on the line does not have the ability to hire lawyers that match Wall Street's. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is an important, inexpensive body that protects consumers. Let's go through the numbers, shall we? I will enter the following fact sheet onto the Senate Record. Highlights? 29 million consumers, which is around 9% of the general U.S. population, almost all of whom are middle class and working class Americans, who have received much needed relief from predatory and illegal shark lenders. Allowing people to restore their lives, and the most important three digit number in this country- their credit score. And far from being unaccountable, this is one of the most transparent agencies in government. An agency that is barely a decade old, having testified over 60 times in Congress, and having town halls in over 40 cities, open to the public, from across the country, shows that they are getting out in front of the American people. The only thing 'common-sense' about this legislation is that it should not get anywhere near the President's desk. I yield the floor.
  5. Wilder


    Señor Presidente, I must strongly object to the passage of this legislation. This would be an outright dangerous piece of legislation, driven by, unfortunately, the hard, Trumpist right whose sole purpose would be to fundamentally remake, and reduce, the American immigration system. This ls legislation that the American people cannot stand for, and it is why I object to this bill. As a U.S. Senator from a border state, I can agree with the concerns of the Senator from Maine. An artificial limit of 50,000 refugees a year will severely hurt the American people from being able to help fleeing people, those who are fleeing war zones and other terribly dangerous situations in their own home countries, like cartels. America is not a country that turns it back on those in need- 100,000 is a much more reasonable number, and I will certainly support an amendment to that effect. While we talk about the point system here, which I strongly disagree with, we also must talk about the most dangerous part of this legislation, the section that the bill's sponsor didn't even talk about- the goal of this legislation to straight up reduce immigration entirely by 50%. This is bad for the American economy. While birthrates are going down, encouraging young entrepreneurs to enter the country is a good thing. Encouraging more college educated people, not less, to enter the country is a good thing. And even unskilled laborers, who come in and are hardworking- who do the tough, non-glory jobs that need being done, like cleaning our schools, or making lunches for our students, or even ensuring that fruit gets picked so it can be eaten, are contributing to the economy. Let's uphold the dignity of work, in that regard. Ironically, the elimination of the diversity visa even goes against the bill's desired goals of bringing in more skilled immigrants. Supporters of this legislation simply see the word 'diversity visa', key in on the first, and think that it's some waste of time. But these people coming in are educated, and via self-selection, are some of the people most likely to come in and be working professionals, as well as coming in with an education. This legislation is bad for the American economy, bad for the American people, and that is why I implore my colleagues, on both sides of the aisle, to vote this terrible legislation down. I yield the floor.
  6. Wilder


    Mr. President, I object to passage by unanimous consent. I yield the floor.
  7. @Bruce Don't need a formal phone call, but an inquiry to the Foreign Ministries of the following countries if they would diplomatically support a no fly zone over Venezuela. - Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Panama(best as I can tell, the South American nations, plus Panama, that recognized Guiado).
  8. Mr. President, Your Majesty, We must ensure you to understand, to heed the words of Secretary Shawshank. The foreign policy of this new President, and the United States, is clear. This is a situation that must come to a swift, peaceful, resolution, and we are of the firm belief that, if steps are taken now, we can do that However, if you wish, we can indeed schedule a call with the President. @Michael @Bruce (I'll just have him come onto this call assuming that's easiest)
  9. Your Majesty, Mr. President. I have to say, that the United States has decidedly different views of what is happening in Yemen. The country has a human rights catastrophe in it in regards to the Civil War, and it its instability can continue to cascade to instability across the Middle East. Its continued instability allows the Iranians to increase their influence on the Arabian Peninsula, which is disastrous. This is a war that needs to be brought to a close, sooner rather than later. American support for participation in the Yemeni Civil War is fading fast in the eyes of the public. The support for American involvement in the War on Capitol Hill is almost non-existent. And the President's Administration strongly believes that this war should be brought to a close. To put it in strong terms, we cannot support the continuation of this war effort. We believe that the best effort to secure peace, and stability, to the region is to support efforts for immediate peace talks with the Houthis. This can be done in a way, we believe, that ensures stability and can solve Saudi/Egyptian objectives. That means that we have to support United Nations efforts to broker peace, as prolonged war simply plays into the hands of the Iranians. What are your thoughts here? @Bruce
  10. Your Majesty, Mr. President, it is a great honor for Secretary Shawshank and I to speak with you today, regarding the serious developments happening in Yemen. How are you doing? @Batman @Bruce
  11. Wilder

    Yemeni Civil War

    @@Bruce Can the SoD and I schedule a joint call with President El-Sisi and His Majesty King MBS on this issue?
  12. I will use four dice in this game.
  13. Vice Admiral Shawshank, Thank you for joining us today. I look forward to productive hearings. What do you believe is the biggest challenge right now for the Department of Defense?
  14. Wilder


    Unfortunately, second consecutive weekend out of town. I'll be back on Monday.
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