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  1. Mister Chief Justice, 1. To answer your first question, the "rulings," as you put it, of the Veterans Board is the same as a ruling of any board over an organization. These decisions are purely made within the official executive capacity as the law allows. The Veterans Board is in fact the ruling agency within the Veterans Department, under the President of course. As the ruling agency, any member should be able to receive a hearing in front of the board if they do not like the decision or decisions made by the Veterans Administrator. This is a checks and balance system within the departm
  2. Good afternoon Mister Chief Justice, Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, may it please the court. I am Alan P. Schmidt, Senior, a lawyer of twenty years, here defending the decision of the district court and the section 6 of the Veterans Act. There are a few things that I ask the court to rule on when announcing their ruling and opinions. 1. Veterans Act § 6 (3 USC Ch. 1 § 1(f)): The reading of section 6 of the Veterans Act, which amend Title 3, Chapter 1, Section 1, Subsection (f), was overstated in the case briefs as well as in the statements made by the attorney for the Plain
  3. Schmidt & Company 1790 Business Financial Statement Board of Directors Chairman: Alan P. Schmidt, Sr. Chief Executive Officer: Alan P. Schmidt, Jr. Owner(s): Alan P. Schmidt, Sr. Assets: Ship Building and Sea Trade Fishing and Costal Trade Natural Resource Mining and Refining Plantation Agriculture Law and Government Revenue: $4,057.00 Expenses: $2,839.90 Operating Expenses: $2,028.50 CEO Salary: $405.70 Taxes: $405.70 Annual Profit: $1,217.10 Signed, Alan P. Schmidt, Sr. Board of Directors Chair Alan P. Schmidt, Jr. Chief
  4. Mr. SCHMIDT III of Georgia for himself and others introduces A BILL to establish the rate of pay for members of the Georgian Government, and for other purposes. The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Georgia hereby enacts as follows: Section 1. Short Title This bill may be cited for all purposes as "Compensation Act of 1790" Section 2. Legislative Compensation (a) All members of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Georgia shall be entitled to compensation for services rendered as a member in the amount of $2,000 per annum. Section 3. Executive Compens
  5. Name: Daniel T. Schmidt Year of Birth: 1764 Home State: Georgia Hometown: Urban Professional Background: Politics/Law Positive Trait (optional): Attractive Negative Trait (optional): Womanizer View full character
  6. Name: Alan P. Schmidt, III Year of Birth: 1762 Home State: Georgia Hometown: Urban Professional Background: Politics/Law Positive Trait (optional): Humble Negative Trait (optional): Gluttonous View full character
  7. Jack

    1790 Election

    Name: Alan P. Schmidt, Jr.Position running for: Governor, SouthCurrent position: CEO of Schmidt & Co. Political Party (if any): States Rights Party Name: Alan P. Schmidt, IIIPosition running for: Representative (GA)Current position: State Representative Political Party (if any): States Rights Party -$500 from the Schmidt Family Capital Assets
  8. Can you explain your budget request to me?
  9. Jack

    Schmidt & Co.

    SCHMIDT & CO. Corporate Journal Board of Directors (1790-1793) Alan P. Schmidt, Sr, Chair (1790-1793) Alan P. Schmidt, Jr, Initial (1790-1791) Alan P. Schmidt, III, Initial (1790-1792) Chief Executive Officer Alan P. Schmidt, Jr. Salary: 10% of profits Term: 1795 Schmidt & Co. 1790 Purchases Type Amount Cost Ship Building and Sea Trade 1 $5,100.00 Fishing and Costal Trade 1 $3,037.00 Natural Resource Mining and Refining 1
  10. Perfectly good questions Mister Chief Justice. I will answer each with a short, to the point response. 1. It is my position that this court look at the plain language of the Constitution. What if one day Congress decides to overstep their 17 enumerated powers and legislate, I don't know, education. Is it this court's duty to look at the intent behind the Constitution and allow Congress to enter unconstitutional territory, or, should this court focus on the plain text of the Constitution in order to preserve the Constitution for centuries to come? You see, looking at anything outside the b
  11. Mister Chief Justice, Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, May it please the court: My name is Alan Schmidt, a lawyer and member of the State Legislature of Georgia, arguing for the defense. The period before the United States, we fought a war to relieve us from an oppressive government where we had no rights, no power, no real authority to make change except through the form of war. Many of our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, have died on the battlefield to give us a world where we the people have the power over the government few. Our constitution is the
  12. Jack

    Schmidt & Co.

    1790 Board Meeting Board Chair: "Good morning gentlemen, this meeting will now come to order. The purpose of this meeting is to appoint a Chief Executive Officer for Schmidt & Co. Before we begin, let's set the ground rules for our CEO. I propose to the Board the following: a. CEO annual salary shall equal the amount of 10% of the companies annual profit; and b. CEO term shall be for a period of five years, ending on July 1, 1795. The floor is open for discussion." Board Member (Jr): I find the proposal accepting and move to end discussion and proceed with a vote on t
  13. Jack

    Schmidt & Co.

    Initial Meeting Alan P. Schmidt, Sr: "Good morning gentlemen, will the initial meeting come to order. The purpose of this meeting is to elect 3 directors for terms expiring on July 1, 1793. I will now read the names of those who have been nominated to the Board by the majority shareholder: Alan P Schmidt, Sr., Alan P. Schmidt, Jr., and Alan P. Schmidt, III. The nominations have been read. I move to approve their appointment to the Board of Directors for a term ending on July 1, 1793. Any seconds?" Alan Schmidt, Jr., seconds. "So moved. The positions for the Board have been filled, m
  14. Jack

    Schmidt & Co.

    THIS OPERATION AGREEMENT (this "Bylaws") is made and entered into effective as of July 10, 1790, by and among the undersigned Owners of SCHMIDT AND COMPANY, a Georgia corporation (the "Company"). In consideration of the mutual covenants and conditions herein, the Owners agree as follows: ARTICLE I NAME, SEAT, PURPOSE, DURATION Section I. A company is formed by the owners of the shares that shall be created hereinafter under the corporate name of SCHMIDT AND COMPANY (SCHMIDT & CO.), or such other name as the board of directors may from time to time hereafter designate. The
  15. Schmidt Asset Management 1790 Balance Sheet Balance as of July 01, 1790 Adjustments Income Statement Alan P. Schmidt, Sr: $20,000.00 Alan P. Schmidt, Jr: $0 Alan P. Schmidt, III: $0 Daniel T. Schmidt: $0 Total Income: $20,000.00 Expense Statement SST Asset Purchase: $5,100.00 FCT Asset Purchase: $3,037.00 NRMR Asset Purchase: $2,525.00 PA Asset Purchase: $7,515.00 LAG Asset Purchase: $1,050.00 Congressional Filing Fee: $500.00 Total Expenses: $19,727.00 Current Balance: $273.00 ========================== Current Assets Cash on Han
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