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    @TexasWayne Official Twitter of U.S. Senator Wayne Noble
  2. Tuna

    Wayne Noble

    Character Name: Wayne Howard Noble Nation: United States Party: Republican Home State: Texas Home County: United States of America Home Media Market: Dallas Previous Job: WWE Wrestler, HEB Spokesman, Radio HostDate of Birth: 6/7/1961 (55)Race / Ethnicity: White (German, Scottish)Religion: MethodistWealth: Upper classGender: MaleSexuality: HeterosexualAre you married?: Yes (previously divorced) Which class of Senate seat is the one you're choosing? Class 1 How many children do you have?: 4 Detailed Bio: Wayne Howard Noble was born in 1955 to Howard and Diane Noble, cattle ranchers fifty miles east of Dallas. Wayne grew up playing football and boxing before graduating high school. He attended the University of Texas from 1983 to 1987, earning a degree in political science while a backup linebacker on the football team. After struggling to find a job after college, Noble auditioned for the WWE and earned a role as "Texas Wayne". After fighting for a decade on the WWE, Wayne retired from the WWE to become the face and a promotor of HEB grocery store chains in Texas. In 2004, Wayne lost his role at HEB after leaked audio caught Noble calling John Kerry "weaker than watered down Big Mac sauce." This led Wayne to a new career in conservative talk radio in Dallas. In 2011, Noble announced he would run for the U.S. Senate to succeed the retiring Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Noble ran a grassroots campaign to defeat Ted Cruz and David DeWhurst in the primaries. He went on to win the genera election that November.
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