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  1. Going to have to sign out, don't have time to play multiple polsims right now :(
  2. I'm happy to examine this area then, yes.
  3. Okay so I'm happy to go with labour law reciprocity, I think that's a great way to ensure fair trade between our nations. On regulatory cooperation I'm open to ideas but im afraid that it would be difficult, if not impossible, for me to agree to any laxing of British standards especially on food, it is something of a politically sore subject here and will most likely remain so indefinitely
  4. Macmillan


    Series of pictures of Macmillan meeting with President Biden, SML Fitzgerald, Speaker Pelosi, and Senator Wright accompanied by the usual fluff about meeting with x and discussing opportunities.
  5. Macmillan


    Pictures of Macmillan and Raab (+ diplomats) meeting with SML Fitzgerald, Senator Wright, President Biden, and Speaker Pelosi at a big table I am delighted to have begun talks on an exciting bilateral trade deal between the United Kingdom and the United States, lots of work to do but I'm confident we can get cracking like the strong allies we are.
  6. I am happy to strike a bilateral deal with the United States Senator if that is the preference of the United States' Congress. In terms of what I am looking for from this deal it is still very much the same in that we need the elimination of tariffs on goods and services and then mutual recognition of standards when it comes to services. I would propose that this can then be policed by the same mechanism laid out by Chapter 19 of the USMCA agreement, that is to say state to state arbitration, most likely by the World Trade Organisation although if you have other organisations you think would suffice I am open to those suggestions. I am very pleased to hear that there is a good degree of bipartisan consensus on this subject Senator! If multilateral trade is off the table then a bilateral deal is perfectly acceptable to me. I would however ask that you to elaborate on what specific concerns you have regarding domestic jobs in the US?
  7. Gentlemen, thank you for hosting me today. As you are all no doubt perfectly aware the World is changing, fast, and not necessarily to the West's advantage. The People's Republic of China are martialling a strong economy and mobilising a substantive armed forces seeking to project power and influence across the Eastern World. It is clear that in response to this threat we must work together in a hitherto unprecedented way forging stronger ties, particularly in the matter of trade. Per the IMF, a UK/US trading bloc would have a combined GDP of over $23tn, add in the rest of CANZUK and that figure increases to around $26tn, dwarfing the Chinese economy by over $9tn or over 2/3rds. So what I am proposing is simple. Tariff-free trade in goods and services, mutual recognition of services, and free trade for vocation and vacation across our five countries. Such an undertaking would be bold, it would be revolutionary to our economies. The ability of a British lawyer to work a case in US courts due to the mutual recognition of services, or an American financier to have even greater access to the stock exchange in London, the ability to forge great new ties through work-exchange programmes and the community we could create between our nations by having our citizens holiday without visas. This deal could revolutionise production, primary goods exploitation, the holiday sector, financial services, the list goes on and on to our mutual benefit. I'd like to open the floor to you all so that we can have a discussion about this aim, if possible I would like to discuss trade principally first before we move on to other discussions are China, mutual defence, and other areas you wish to discuss.
  8. Macmillan


    Picture of Macmillan getting on a plane in New Zealand Next stop America! Looking forward to meeting with so many great representatives of the United Kingdom's top ally including President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald, Senator David Wright, and Speaker Pelosi
  9. Macmillan


    Pictures of Macmillan with the Heads of Government of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in that order accompanied by the following fluff The Prime Minister has met with the Canadian Prime Minister where they discussed the opportunities of Brexit and Global Britain in relation to free trade between our nations The Prime Minister has met with the Australian Prime Minister where they discussed the opportunities of Brexit and Global Britain in relation to free trade between our nations The Prime Minister has met with the Prime Minister of New Zealand where they discussed the opportunities of Brexit and Global Britain in relation to free trade between our nations
  10. In that case I have some talks to have with the Yanks xD
  11. So my vision is for a free trade agreement that covers, as far as possible, all goods and services between the CANZUK nations with the US being able to join should they want. The absence of things like a Customs Union should make it fine for the USMCA which should satisfy Canada on this feedback. Naturally a wholesale reduction of tariffs in these areas will make Australian goods (such as iron ore and petrol) significantly cheaper in the UK and I am happy to look at other measures to help bring the costs down further and bring up British demand for these industries if the Aussies and NZ have any ideas. When it comes to China I would propose, at least between the CANZUK economies, a common sanctions regime against China that targets the Chinese economy if necessary but definitely targets Chinese businesses that are trying to bully members of the agreement or act with any malfeasance. As far as the US is concerned I'm happy to broach the subject with the SML when I visit and chat with him.
  12. Jeremy Hunt, Foreign Secretary Mr Speaker, yes. A Ministerial Statement on the matter shall be forthcoming shortly.
  13. Mr Speaker, I thank my Honourable Friend for his question and can confirm that if the Church of England wishes to conduct gay marriage ceremonies the Government will not stand in their way. It shall be a free vote of conscience on these benches.
  14. Mr Speaker, I am yet to see any evidence that the people of Wales want such a referendum, in the event that Plaid Cymru win a majority in the Senedd promising such a referendum in their manifesto then as we did for Scotland in 2014. Naturally it would be once in a generation as was the case for Scotland.
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