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  1. Brady


    Mr. President, This bill is called the RAISE Act because it's about raising our standards as a nation for how our immigration system works. The RAISE Act is about overhauling our legal immigration system to ensure merit-based immigration that benefits the American people. It's about ensuring we welcome immigrants who will make a positive contribution to our society. This bill reflects American values. It sends a message to the world that we will welcome immigrants based on what they can do, how high they're willing to reach to achieve their dreams, not based on who they know or who they're related to. This bill would focus our immigration system less on arbitrary identity politics and more on ensuring we welcome immigrants with the skills and preparation necessary to make it in America. Most importantly, Mr. President, the RAISE Act would reduce legal immigration to the United States by 50%. Why is that important? Because we need to ensure the immigrants we're welcoming to America are integrating into our culture. We need to ensure we're not bringing in so many immigrants that integration becomes too difficult, leading to disparate cultures and a fragmented society. We need to get back to the concept of America as a melting pot -- e pluribus unum -- out of many, one. Put another way: One nation, under God, and indivisible. We can and should aim higher with our immigration system, and the RAISE Act will raise our standards to ensure we are preserving the cultural values that have made America great, and that have for generations encouraged immigrants to come here to pursue the American Dream and become part of this culture, this republic, this American nation. I yield.
  2. The motion for unanimous consent is recognized. 24 hours for objections.
  3. The motion for unanimous consent is recognized. 24 hours for objections.
  4. The motion for unanimous consent is recognized. 24 hours for objections.
  5. Brady


    Jackson Hawthorne @JacksonHawthorne Natalie and I are deeply saddened to hear of President Tillman's death. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Tillman family and the entire nation mourns along with them. We must honor President Tillman by ensuring that this moment of national mourning leads to national unity.
  6. Jackson Hawthorne (R-WV) 1. Attribute Upgrade - Experience (15 min) 2. Attribute Upgrade - Experience (15 min) 3. Attribute Upgrade - Wealth (15 min) 4. Attribute Upgrade - Wealth (15 min) 5. Fundraiser - New York (2 hours)
  7. Passed Congress unanimously (100-0-0 Senate, 435-0-0 House).
  8. Passed Congress by a vote of 76-24-0 in the Senate, 347-88-0 in the House.
  9. The China Technology Transfer Control Act unanimously passes Congress (100-0-0, 435-0-0).
  10. Senate: 76-24-0 House: 347-88-0 The Climate Change Education Act passes Congress.
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