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  1. Brady


    LOA for me until tomorrow, gonna be busy this evening.
  2. Brady

    Tech Requests

    Could we have an archive subforum for this Congress under the United States archives? @Bruce
  3. I just noticed the Voting Calculator needs updated for the new round. @Bruce
  4. Ok, sounds good. Thanks!
  5. Brady

    Tech Requests

    Can I get PPT masking/mods when someone has time please?
  6. I noticed in Senate rules it says voting records are required. It said that last round too, but no one had voting records - so are they actually required?
  7. Is it ok to start posting our bios or should we hold off on that? Also, just to get some idea of the background for the round, will Tillman have beaten Trump in the 2020 election?
  8. Cool, looking forward to it!
  9. Personally I'd rather start with Congress in session instead of elections. We just got done with elections and it seems like a lot of players checked out when those were over, so I'd rather not jump right back into them only to have people check out again once they're over. Do we know about how long it's gonna be before the round starts?
  10. This was supposed to be due again tonight, but the thread is still locked. Will the schedule be changed?
  11. Oh yeah, also are we able to post schedules for our Senate candidate multis, or only our primary characters?
  12. I see that SA was able to post mid-session schedules 6 hours ago (here), but the thread is still locked. A couple questions: 1. Are we going to be able to post schedules for this week? 2. Should we also include last week like he did?
  13. Is it ok to report news in a more TV-like format instead of articles? Like for example could I do a TV segment with a host and two pundits, even though I'd be the person behind all three characters?
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