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  1. Rumor has it your favorite Politician just got on twitter
  2. Insert pretentious crap about myself here.
  3. The vice president is an officer in the legislative branch, as president of the Senate. In this capacity, the vice president is empowered to preside over Senate deliberations, but may not vote except to cast a tie-breaking vote. The vice president also presides over joint sessions of Congress and if God forbid the President of the united states would not be unable to preside due to factors like death, Sickness or retirement you take the role as the President of the worlds greatest country so i ask you, Are you prepared for such a scenario and are you fully aware of the responsibility you have by being the right side men to the leader of the free world .
  4. Character name: Harvey Specter Nation United States Of America Party: Democratic Party Home State: New York Home County Brooklyn Home media New York NY date of birth: August 16th 1987 Wealth Upper Middle Class Previous Job Lawyer Sexuality Heterosexual Gender Male Married Yes Children 1 Class 1 senator
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