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  1. SWMissourian


    Originally published in The Continental Enlightener.
  2. SWMissourian


    Originally published in the Manhattan Monitor.
  3. Name Shareholder CEO Character Headquarters SST PAP TST FCT CIT NRMR AAM MAN PA AA EMA LAG TS Leviathan Shipping Company Josiah Brown (100%) Carson Brown Pennyslvania 2 2 1 9 19
  4. SWMissourian


    Originally published in the Manhattan Monitor.
  5. 1791 Readership Points State Total Boston Gazette Maryland Gazette Pennsylvania Gazette Philadelphia Press Charleston Courier Richmond Register Manhattan Monitor Continental Enlightener Connecticut 25 12 13 Delaware 10 5 5
  6. 1791 Sectors New Asset Cost Change Annual Profit Change Analysis Shipbuilding and the Sea Trade (SST) $5,200 2.00% $1,080 3.80% While new tariffs are likely to damper growth here in the future, the growth of the US Navy has helped keep robust growth around for now. Growth would have been higher, but the economic slump caused by numerous defeats at the hands of the Indians slowed things down. Privateering and Piracy (PAP) $6,925
  7. SWMissourian


    Originally published in the Manhattan Monitor.
  8. Those numbers look like a fair estimate.
  9. I’ll be auditing bank accounts Saturday evening, and the economic update and new newspaper readership points will come out either Saturday or Sunday as well, depending on what my schedule looks like. Make sure to plan accordingly!
  10. Promotion of James Gideon Abrams to Brigadier by President George Washington in Preparation For the Northwest Indian War Address from President Washington: "But a handful of years removed from the birth of our great Nation, we find ourselves once more embroiled in armed conflict with the Indian tribes of the Northwest. Rather than obfuscate the truth, I shall opt to give it to you straight when I say that the situation out West is quite worrisome. As our Men are called to arms and trained in the business of War, we must look to capable and effective leaders to lead them in defense of
  11. Approved. The Charleston Courier begins publication July 15, 1790.
  12. SWMissourian


    Originally published in the Philadelphia Press.
  13. SWMissourian


    Originally published in the Manhattan Monitor.
  14. SWMissourian

    Boston Gazette

    Editorial from Alexander Hamilton: On the Necessity of a National Bank As someone intimately intertwined with the foundation and execution of our new Nation, I have gained a great amount of interest in its success and stability. As I have served proudly as its first Treasurer, it has become clear to me that the establishment of a National Bank by the Congress is of immense importance to the success and prosperity of these United States. If we are to become a land abound with Opportunity and Stability, the Congress must enact legislation currently under consideration by the Senate to
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