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  1. Karkart Trades FISH being given to ATHISMUS @Blake LENTILS being given to ATHISMUS LENTILS being given to GNAR @Torvan
  2. The elders of Karkart refuse. The insult to our Oracle, her holiness be honored, is unforgivable. We shall not entertain the wishes of a wicked, wayward people.
  3. Two male priests of Loklen and Karka, along with several female aides and priestesses-in-training make the journey to Karka’s Oracle. The women of the party bring forth offerings of lentils, preserved fish, and copper trinkets. They ask after the Oracle’s well-being, and after making sure she is well and treated, they depart to ensure the welfare of the Oracles attendees and guards, except for a couple of priestesses-in-training who remain. The male priests praise the wisdom of Loklen and the grace of Karka. One says her choice as a divine messenger, an Oracle, brings hope to him and the people of Karkart that the gods continue to be with them and guide them through this fallen world. Soon, the younger priest steps forward and, bowing, asks the following: “What is Loklen’s will for our people? How shall we maintain our righteousness? Shall we continue taking care of the mountains, or do he and his gracious wife wish for us to venture forth into the lands once inhabited by our distant ancestors?”
  4. Karkart Trades LENTILS being given to HARTLAND @Batman LENTILS being given to KALACTIN @Bradley Grant FISH being given to KALACTIN FISH being given to ATHISMUS @Blake LENTILS being given to ATHISMUS LENTILS being given to GNAR @Torvan Tech Purchases TOTAL AP SPENT: 1000 AP HUNTING LEVELS 1 & 2 in KARKART (300 AP) GATHERING LEVELS 1 & 2 in KARKART (300 AP) STORYTELLING LEVEL 4 in KARKART (400 AP) Tribute/Aid Karkart gives no tribute to wicked outsiders. Best Roleplayer @Brown @Steven Andrews @Lenalas AP Budget Starting AP: 1000 AP Income: 21 AP Expenses: 1000 AP Remaining: 21 AP
  5. In Karkart, the Moon is taught to be the brilliant vessel of the gods, specifically that of the Creator God Vistra. When Vistra grew weary of this earth and sought to ascend fully to the Heavens for the final time, he needed a new, special place to call home. For years, he wondered the Heavens far from earth, building magnificent bright cities and creating new gods and creatures among them. These are the beautiful stars we can see accompanying the Moon in the sky. Vistra found that no place could quite compare to the brilliant beauty of his earth, though. Seeking to return, he saw that the people had long turned corrupt and wicked, and his divine children Loklen and Karka wished to ascend to the Heavens with him. He created the Moon then and there. It was a place of peace, beauty, and celestial quiet. It was perfect. But Karka and Loklen still worried for their children back on earth, those who could not ascend to the Heavens with them. Karka was especially worried. Loklen, seeking to please his wife, gave the Moon its brilliant radiance. It would serve as a beacon, a guide for their people to their sanctuary on Earth. Its holy light would provide protection from ghosts, demons, and monsters. Such power could only last for so long, though. As the month progresses, its light dims and then dies completely, as the power Loklen gave the Moon recovers. It makes its resurgence and resumes its protection of our people--a holy shield against the evils of the night. When its light dies, though, its protection fails, and it is up to us to prove our worthiness by providing our own protection against the strange, the twisted, and the unnatural. Thus, when the Moon goes dark, it is called the "Tryla oz Loklen" or "Loklen's Trial". When the Moon meets the Sun in the sky (a solar eclipse), our world merges somewhat with another, which is where monsters come from. These were not created by Loklen, Karka, Vistra, nor any of Vistra's other children. They are unholy aberrations. The Moon moves in front of the Sun so that the gods may unite the power of both to fend off the worst of the other worlds, but we must honor their vigilance and sacrifice by remaining steadfast and ready ourselves to fight the evil that pops up here. Similarly, when the Moon becomes the color of blood, Loklen is warning us that conflict or danger is close.
  6. We have agreed with traders from Gnar to provide them with lentils in exchange for pigs.
  7. I wish to dispatch a small group of 15 men and 5 women to the Oracle. The men shall be in charge of guarding the Oracle oz Karka and the women shall be in charge of providing care and food for the men and the Oracle. The guard and attendants shall rotate out every once in awhile, so that none may spend more than half a year away from the village, unless Her Divine Messenger shall command otherwise.
  8. The Oracle shall be named the "Orakle oz Karka", or the "Oracle of Karka". She is to be treated with reverence and respect as to her place as the chosen messenger of Loklen and Karka. She is not to be referred to as a messenger from false gods. She may be referred to as "Madam Oracle" or else as a divine messenger of some kind.
  9. We have struck a deal with outsiders from somewhere known as "Athismus". We will provide them with fish and lentils in exchange for olives and cattle.
  10. It has been many generations since our people visited Monkt Thiqq. As a key marker of our ancestral journey to Karka's sanctuary, it is sacred to our people. As the Monkta oz Loklen have been entrusted to us, we must make sure that no devilish monsters have taken residence there. We must know what is going on there. 25 able-bodied men and 10 capable women are to set out to Monkt Thiqq. They will scout the area and take note of anything extraordinary, dangerous or otherwise.
  11. I would like to assemble a scouting expedition of 15 able, strong men to investigate the large mountain to the north of the Lesza Ruhz. A second scouting expedition of 20 able, strong men is also to be sent to investigate rumors of a strange stone formation to the east in Square 0913.
  12. We have struck a deal with outsiders from a place called "Kalactin" for wheat and fuzzy animals called "sheep", in exchange for lentils and fish.
  13. We do not wish to give away the holy metal of our hills to outsiders. Instead, we offer our delicious crop of lentils in exchange for these "pigs". We have struck a deal with outsiders from a place called "Hartland" for wood, in exchange for some lentils.
  14. Karkart is looking for livestock and wood. We have lentils, fish, and flax up for trade. Active Deals: -Hartland and Karkart: Lentils for wood. -Karkart and Kalactin: Fish and lentils for wheat and sheep.
  15. The Divine Founding of Karkart Gather 'round, young ones. Tonight, we tell the sacred story of how we came to call the Monkta oz Loklen our home. Many years ago, some say thousands, there lived two divine beings. They looked much like us--humans with two legs, two eyes, two arms, you name it. However, they were far more powerful than you and I. They glowed with divine radiance. It is said the very earth beneath their feet anticipated their arrival and despaired upon their departure. There was the man; his name was Loklen. Then, there was his wife, Karka. Neither were born as humans today are, for such a process is incapable of the creation of such beings, but instead they were created as perfect adults from the earth, formed by the Creator God Vistra. Vistra created them together, as one whole, and then separated it into two complementary halves. Thus, Man and Woman were to forever be two parts of a singular whole, and without the other, they should remain incomplete. Loklen and Karka were as gods themselves, though nowhere near the power of Vistra himself. The land back then was barren and flat. Karka decided that it should be populated with the various features we know and love today. She thus created whole forests and lakes with her divine power. Seeking to please his wife, Loklen decided to go further--digging out giant seas and raising tall mountains to impress his beautiful partner. Vistra was pleased to see his new creation shaping the world he made for them, and thus he left them to their own devices, turning his attention to that which we know not. The two carried on with this for a few years--for even for them, the creation of the land's features required a great deal of time and effort. When they were done, Loklen and Karka were pleased, but as they roamed throughout the world, they felt it was empty. They began to feel lonely. They resolved to create more people like them. They sought Vistra's assistance, but the old god, enamored with whatever unknowable tasks and studies such a being takes up, refused to do it himself. Instead, he told Loklen and Karka that they already had the means to reproduce and he explained the process. The two proceeded to do so, producing a generation of 10 divine progeny. At this point, Vistra then took interest, and he created many, many more people for the divine to rule over. Those he created as subjects were not divine. They did not have powers as Loklen, Karka, and their children did, but they still possessed intelligence, thoughtfulness, ingenuity, everything that we all have today. Unfortunately, being normal creatures, they also possessed the capacity for great wickedness. Vistra warned the divine rulers of this before departing for the final time to the Heavens. Loklen and Karka had 10 children--7 men and 3 women. They and their children set up 11 great cities to rule. These cities flourished for the first few generations. Loklen and Karka could not die of age, as they were direct divine creations of Vistra, but their children could. Ten of the cities throughout the land, then, were ruled by a royal line that was increasingly less divine, and increasingly more wicked, with each generation. After a few generations--some say 5, others say 10--wickedness had consumed most of the cities. Immorality, deviancy, war, plague, famine, and more destroyed them one by one. When it was finally only the City of Loklen and Karka left, as they were not corrupted, the great wicked masses tore at their walls and screamed for its destruction. Loklen and Karka both grew disillusioned with the world at this terrible sight. Their lines had almost all withered; their cities had all been burnt and abandoned; their people were filthy and wicked. They decided it was time to watch over the land from the Heavens. Karka, however, did not want to completely abandon those still righteous and good among her people. She told them to seek a sanctuary in the mountains raised by her husband long ago, in which no city had previously been settled. Her chosen few braved the treacherous terrain and harsh conditions to reach the sanctuary she had made for them. They named it in her honor: Karkart. Do you know what this means, children? We are the descendants of the righteous few, those who fled the wicked ways and braved harsh trials to come to a sacred sanctuary. We are the chosen people of Karka and Loklen, the final few who follow their ways. This place is a constant reminder of that. Karkart is the blessed land upon which we were promised the safety and means to begin again, to set upon a path towards a new, righteous Golden Age.
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