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  1. Barbarosa Tennison (RI-1) will run for the Democratic Nomination for President
  2. Name: Barbarosa Tennison Birthdate: January 1 1981 (35) State: Rhode Island Hometown: Newport, Rhode Island Residence: Newport, Rhode Island Family: Whitney Tennison (nee Alter), children 2 Bob (4), Markus (2) Education: Masters in Economics from Yale University Occupation: 2006-2012: Economic Advisor to Governor Carcieri, and Chaffe 2014-Present: US REP RI 1
  3. Duke Wellington III Party: Republican (United States) State: Wyoming Age in 2021: 39 View full character
  4. Fly the white flag and we'll rendezvous with the other 3 armies in Virginia
  5. Let the Artillery know should the Indian Troops come within range to open fire immediately. And to seal off the fort as best as possible should that happen.
  6. And send a letter to Superindentent Knox updating him on this development
  7. Assemble the senior members of the regiment in my tent to discuss next steps in the mean time tell the men to be on alert and vigilant
  8. "Mr.Wallace we will do what we can to keep you children and you safe, and get your farm back thank you for the information sir. If you would please follow the officer outside and he'll set you up with a place to stay in the mean time." After Wallace leaves the Colonel order 10 of his best men to go and spy around the area drawn out by Wallace to ensure he was telling the truth.
  9. "Mr.Wallace please take a seat have a drink, and then tell me why it is you've come here today."
  10. Check him for weapons or poison then escort him into my tent with 2 guards
  11. And the men are not to engage unless the Cherokee charge us first
  12. Give the order for the men to load their muskets and move double time
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