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  1. Name: Kalactin Geography: River Valley Type: Water Location: I can’t see the number but the small lake with the River on the east end
  2. Platform Foreign Policy ((The boring non-interventionism stuff) - Put a Large Tariff on anything coming from China - End NAFTA and the TPP - Practice Non-interventionism in Foreign Affairs, unless is it directly involves American Interests - Eliminate all Foreign Aid Economy (The Fun stuff) The Klein Federal Budget - Eliminate the Capital Gains, Estate, Income, and Corporate Income Taxes - Eliminate the Departments of Education, Commerce and Energy - Fund the Federal Government through a 5% Value Added Tax, 3% Land Value Tax, Excise Taxes and Tariffs - Privatize the FAA and TSA - Eliminate $400 billion of the DoD’s budget - Administer Medicaid and other joint federal-state partnerships through block grant funding Economic Changes - Create a Balanced Budget Amendment - End the Federal Reserve Civil Liberties - Respect Obergefell vs. Hodges - Get the Fed out of our lives - Give immigration control back to the states Social Values - Amend the constitution to ban abortion - Appoint Judges very strong on American Values Entitlements - Eliminate Medicare - Administer Social Security through funding to the states Constitutional Amendments - As Mentioned, amendments to balance the budget and ban abortion - Amend the Constitution to include a right to private land States Rights - Return control of Education, Energy, Healthcare, Environment and Immigration
  3. Dale Klein (R-MN-07) would like to file for the Republican Party nomination, under the Republican Party of Minnesota.
  4. Name: Dale Klein District: Minnesota’s 6th Party: Republican Faction: Tea Party Views: Libertarian Republican Occupational History: 1982-1984, Junior Hockey Player, Great Falls Americans, NA3HL 1985-1989, College Student and Hockey Player, St. Cloud State University (B.S. in Business) 1989-2004, Professional Hockey Player: 89-92, Hershey Bears (AHL Affiliate of the Washington Capitals) 93-98, Washington Capitals 99-03, Ottawa Senators 04, Detroit Red Wings 2005-, Owner of Klein Consulting 2011-, Representative for Minnesota’s 6th District Bio coming sometime soon
  5. Motion to pass amendment via UC
  6. Also, not related, but do we want to make a telegram or discord party subchannel/chat?
  7. Yup. I would be fine with the chair, I wouldn’t have a problem with the entire leadership though.
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