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  1. Mr. President, I move for unanimous consent, and yield.
  2. Mr. President, I move for unanimous consent, and yield.
  3. Mr. President, I move for unanimous consent, and yeet.
  4. Mr. President, I move for unanimous consent, and yield.
  5. Pinnacle


    @MadisonForMO brought tremendous experience, strategy, and unity to the RNC, and will continue to be a respected leader for the people of Missouri. Our Party thanks him for his hard work and many achievements.
  6. Pinnacle


    According to the rules, the Senate Democratic Leader reserves a slot on each docket. I notified Sen. Powell days ago that I was bringing four bills to the Floor, and he selected the FAMILY Act for the Minority slot. (1/2) It’s beneath the Office of the President to play the partisan “blame game” every time Congress exercises it’s independent, legislative powers. For a leader who claims to care about national unity, it’s unfortunate that @POTUS continues to instigate division between our two equal branches of Government. (2/2)
  7. Third Docket 1. Opioid Action Act 2. PEPFAR Extension Act 3. U.S.-Israel Joint Missile Defense Act 4. Facilitating Farmers’ Access to Resources and Machinery Act 5. FAMILY Act
  8. Name: Real News with Bill Bloom Call Letters: RNBB Owner: Bill Bloom Media Markets: Denver-Colorado Springs, CO Political Leaning: Conservative
  9. I accept the amendment as friendly and yield
  10. Mr. President, Kate’s Law, a major advancement of America’s domestic security and immigration integrity, was developed through bipartisanship and careful deliberation. It passed cloture, then passed both houses of Congress. Yesterday, the President of the United States exercised his power and vetoed Kate’s Law. As unfortunate as that is, it’s not where we give up. Mr. President, it is important that the American people see where the Senate stands when it comes to their safety. Therefore, I move to override the President’s veto, and yield.
  11. Pinnacle


    I’m honored to have set a “new” Senate precedent of only confirming nominees with the capacity of upholding the civil oath of office: “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States….” I’m eager to consider the President’s next AG nominee, and intend to review him/her with the same criteria.
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