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  1. Mr. Prime Minister, how would you describe the situation between the State of Israel and the state of Palestine?
  2. Thank you for having us Mr. Prime Minister, water is fine.
  3. Well I will make sure he gets it, thank you very much.
  4. "It's a beautiful picture Mr. Rowe, what's the relation to the Prime Minister?"
  5. 8A, and some peanuts please
  6. I’ll go (since there’s seats left) to learn more about our middle eastern alliances
  7. Name: William Colhoun Motter DOB: April 16, 1970 (46) - Red Feather Lakes, CO District - CO-02 (D) Political History: - US Representative 2009-Present - Larimer County Commissioner 2003-2009 - Director of the Larimer Department of Natural Resources 1997-2003 - Land Conservation, Planning & Resource Program Manager, Larimer Department of Natural Resources 1993-1997 - Graduate of CSU w/ Natural Resources Degree 1992
  8. Preston Moss Party: Democrat (United States) State: New Mexico Age in 2021: 42 B: 1979 Education: Bachelors in Public Policy from University of New Mexico Political History: Albuquerque city council (2003-2007) US Representative - NM-01 (2007-2015) US Senator - NM (2015-Present) View full character
  9. $42,029,833,70 to clay
  10. $70,049,722.80 to Clay
  11. From the Office of Samuel Crafts Crafts Endorses Clay “Hello everyone. Though we did manage to snag a good bit of the votes in both Iowa and New Hampshire we have fallen behind too much. I know this is not what you want to hear but I am announcing today I will he suspending my campaign for President. But fear not. The fight for progressive change in this country does not stop. That is why I am throwing my support behind Senator Clay of Ohio. He has been a strong ally of mine in the Senate and we share views and many many things like the fact that healthcare is a human right and that we should make sure we should have high quality, free healthcare for everyone. This is the man that can beat the far right bigots and racists the republicans are running. It was shown in 2016 that a moderate cannot excite the base and win the working class voters we need to win the presidency. That is why we need Clay and not Root. If root wins the nomination I hope he will win but as we saw with Clinton, he’ll probably lose. If clay wins, he’ll sweep the rust belt and win us a Democratic trifecta. That movement continues and it continues with Senator Clay. Thank you everyone. View full press release
  12. 2 hours - Fundraiser in Colorado 2 hours - Fundraiser in New Jersey 6 hours - 2 rallies in pattawatamine county, page county, Montgomery counties (Iowa) all targeting progressives 2 hours - rally in coos and graft on counties (NH)
  13. 2 hours - Fundraiser in Colorado 2 hours - Fundraiser in New Jersey 8 hours - 2 rallies in Fremont county, Mills county, Harrison, and monona counties (Iowa) all targeting progressives
  14. Fundraiser in Colorado and Pennsylvania
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