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  1. My top priorities would be to enforce the laws of this great nation.
  2. I wave my opening statement to give more time for questioning
  3. Character Name: (Your candidate's name. Must be a fictional character of your design) Samuel Crafts Nation: (Regular members can only play in one country.) USA Party: (In the United States you can only play as a Republican or Democrat.) Democrat Home State: (Your character's home state.) Kentucky Home County: (County, not countRy. You can find county-level demographics in the Factbook.) Jefferson Home Media Market: (You can find the media market your county is in with your state's Factbook page.) Louisville, KY-Evansville, IN Previous Job: (What was your character's job before entering Congress?) Kentucky Attorney General (2012-)Date of Birth: (Senators must be at least 30 years old. Be sure to check the current game date in the Calendar.) June 14, 1980Race / Ethnicity: WhiteReligion: QuakerWealth: (Choose one: Upper Class, Upper Middle Class, Middle Class, Working Class, Poverty) Middle classGender: (Choose one: Male, Female, Other / Transgender) MaleSexuality: (Choose one: Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, Undisclosed / Other) Heterosexual Are you married?: (Choose one: Yes, No, Divorced, Widowed) Yes Which class of Senate seat is the one you're choosing? (Use this to help): Attorney GeneralHow many children do you have?: 4
  4. Well thank you for listening to me. I think the things you say about me are frankly wrong and that they are unfair assessments of my position on all accounts, but regardless, thank you for hearing me.
  5. Its ok for law enforcement to choose which laws are more important to enforce. Loitering is illegal but most police don't enforce it because its more important for them to keep the community safe from people like drunk drives or robbers. Its the same thing with immigration; its more important for police to have the trust of their community then it is for them to deport people who, if they went back to their home countries, would be killed
  6. The Senate Majority leader was just arguing it on the senate floor. If you argue for immigration law to be enforced in the strictest sense possible, aka what Senator Pinnacle is doing, then you argue for deporting every illegal immigrant.
  7. Their hypocrisy and partisanship is laughable really
  8. Its radical to deport 12 million people, a number greater than the population of all but 6 states in the Union, and kill the American economy while doing so. Sadly that is the GOP position on this issue, yet they call themselves fiscally conservative.
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