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  1. Mr. Prime Minister, Thank you for having us. It's always a pleasure! I would like to ask what Israel is doing to deescalate the current spat of violence with Palestinians attacking Israeli citizens seemingly at random? ooc:Source
  2. I'll go as well. I'd like to discuss the Israeli-American relationship, the Saudi-American alliance and what we can do to help, and of course the Iraqi conflict.
  3. Name: Richard Montgomery Sharp Date of Birth: December 12, 1955 Place of Birth: Chicago, IL Place of Residence: Atlantic Beach, FL Party: Republican Seat: Florida's 4th Congressional District Race: White Religion: Methodist Avatar: Rick Scott Family History: —Gordon Sharp, Father (b. 1928) —Esther Sharp, Mother (b. 1931) —Ann Sharp, Wife (b. 1960) —Benjamin Sharp, Son (b. 1989) Educational History: —Lincoln Park High School (1969-1973) —George Washington University, B.S. International Affairs (1979-1983) Occupational History: —United States Navy, Intelligence Specialist 3rd Class (1973-1978) —Federal Bureau of Investigation, Intelligence Analyst (1984-1992) —Federal Bureau of Investigation, Counter Terrorism Analyst (1992-2004) —CEO and Founder of The Sharper Edge Security Solutions (2004-2011) —Congressman, Florida's 4th Congressional District (2011-present)
  4. Do you guys think maybe you aren't taking the moderate's opinions into account?
  5. You know we're roleplaying right?
  6. Yeah this isn't the right way to go about it. Maybe on ridiculous bills the GOP introduce, but not on our own bills. Come on now.
  7. Okay look, you guys need to understand we are in the minority. So holding up a STEM bill over passing free university tuition is just not going to happen. In an ideal world, yes, however we just aren't in the position of power to where we can dictate policy like this. If we continue on this path, we will lose the midterms. Nothing in this STEM bill is unreasonable. Why not make a win-win. It was introduced by our own party for god's sake!
  8. Nubbie


    STEM is something the United States should always lead in. We've always been world leaders in Science and Technology. Funding STEM programs should be a priority, and I know I will make it one by voting for the current STEM bill.
  9. Nubbie


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  10. Mr. President, I second the motion for cloture. I yield.
  11. Yeah I'm going to go ahead and object to this. Reducing R&D into military equipment like this would reduce our standing in the world. No other first world country does this.
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