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  1. Mr. President, We've been in a trade war with China for the last thirty years. I yield.
  2. Mr. President, Something that I have mentioned before but is missing from the current debate is the impact of intellectual property theft on our country. Chinese IP theft is estimated to cost our economy as much as $600 billion per year. One of the ways that China steals our IP is by planting their students as spies in our universities. FBI Director Christopher Wray said that China steals our technology through a wide range of actors, including students. In December 2019, Chinese graduate student Zaosong Zheng was arrested at an airport on his way to China. He was found with 21 stolen bio
  3. Senate Republicans are making healthcare more affordable by passing legislation to break up hospital monopolies and end surprise billing. These bills will make the cost of healthcare more competitive and transparent.
  4. The Election Integrity Act has finally been enacted into law. While it is not as expansive as I originally hoped, it is still a huge step forward and should give the American people more confidence about the integrity of our elections.
  5. From The Office of Senator Kyle Fitzgerald For Immediate Release Washington, DC – Senate Majority Leader Kyle Fitzgerald (R-TX) spoke to the press after introducing the Southern High Plains Groundwater Resource Conservation Act. “The water levels in the Ogallala reservoir are shrinking every year. The entire Great Plains region – stretching across the country from Texas to North Dakota – relies on this water source. This bill sets up research to facilitate groundwater conservation in the Ogallala reservoir. The consequences of the water levels becoming too low are serious, as the e
  6. Senator Fitzgerald, with thanks to Mr. Udall, submits A BILL To further continued economic viability in the communities on the southern High Plains by promoting sustainable groundwater management of the southern Ogallala Aquifer. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. This Act may be cited as the "Southern High Plains Groundwater Resource Conservation Act''. SEC. 2. FINDINGS AND PURPOSES. (a) Findings.--Congress makes the following findings: (1) A reliable sourc
  7. Senate Republicans just passed legislation prohibiting federal agencies from purchasing products and services from the Xinjiang region of China. Our government will not be complicit in the atrocities being committed there.
  8. Mr. President, I ask for unanimous consent. I yield.
  9. Mr. President, I ask for unanimous consent. I yield.
  10. Mr. President, I ask for unanimous consent. I yield.
  11. First of all, congratulations on your nomination. How does a responsible judge interpret constitutional provisions, such as due process or equal protection, without imparting your own values to these provisions? Which sitting Supreme Court Justice do you most want to emulate? Do you believe originalism should be used to interpret the Constitution? If so, how and in what form? What role, if any, should the constitutional rulings and doctrines of foreign courts and international tribunals play in the interpretation of our Constitution and laws? What are your views
  12. Senate Republicans have passed legislation introduced by @GGBattle to provide payments for virtual home health services during the COVID-19 pandemic and future emergencies.
  13. After consulting with members of my conference, I have decided to docket Judge Jackson's nomination for a hearing.
  14. I am honored to invite @MacmillanMP to speak before Congress. I am dismayed that @SenAllenVT is planning to walk out of his speech and put our wonderful relationship with the United Kingdom in jeopardy. Senate Democrats cannot be trusted with America’s foreign policy.
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