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  1. Russian Elections Result in Embarassment for Kremlin The last few years have been rough on Vladimir Putin's government: While Putin won a reported 76% of the vote in 2018 (a figure disputed by opposition groups but not horribly out of line with opinion polling in the weeks prior), not three months later his Prime Minister (at the time, Dimitri Medvedev) announced reforms raising the retirement age. The result was that United Russia went from roughly 50% in opinion polls (in line with the 54% the party received in the 2016 Duma elections) to around 35%, where they remained stubbornly unti
  2. "I, Joseph R. Biden, Jr., nominate Judge Padmanabhan Srikanth "Sri" Srinivasan, of the District of Columbia, to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, vice Justice Samuel Alito, deceased."
  3. President Biden announced the nomination of Padmanabhan Srikanth "Sri" Srinivasan in a second attempt to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court left by the death of Justice Alito. Coming amid frustration within certain quarters within the White House at the failure of Judge Jackson's nomination on a party-line vote, the nomination is seen as an olive branch to Republicans: Justice Srinivasan was initially appointed to the DC Circuit by Barack Obama, but his confirmation was unanimous (a relative rarity in recent years). Srinivasan was confirmed by the Senate to the DC Circuit 97-0 in 2013 and
  4. OOC: A chlorinated chicken flies across the middle of the conference room.
  5. Weeks of Chaos Roil Small-to-Mid Cap Markets Driven by an abundance of easy money, a "frothy" market with many stocks posting lofty valuations, and over-extended short positions, a wave of chaos has roiled stock exchanges throughout the world. Though most big names were spared the effects, a number of smaller companies saw their prices surge and collapse in a matter of days over the last few weeks. The first target was embattled American Airlines (AAL), which was facing possible bankruptcy as of the start of the crisis. Over-extended short selling resulted in "short interest" (the
  6. Steven Andrews

    News Blurbs

    @CNN: Sources inside the White House say President Biden "uneasy" with abolishing the ATF, administration "looking at other options" on the issue.
  7. [Note: So, for gameplay reasons, though Biden will make favorable noises, he's going to leave getting a US deal to Congress. I'm exercising some admin discretion here...I want players to work with/against one another, rather than me wearing lots of hats.] IC: So, basically Canada is going to want/need US agreement on it (so that reduced tariffs within the Commonwealth side of things don't cause trade issues at the US border. As indicated, they're favorable to it. And I'd note that if the US can be brought on board, Australia and New Zealand are likely to take an understanding of some m
  8. US, Global Economy Recovering Steadily, Unevenly From Pandemic The economies of most countries around the world are posting steady gains versus the same period in 2020...but this is not exactly a high bar to cross, considering the dramatic hit that most countries took in the first two quarters of 2020. Double-digit economic growth is naturally being pointed to by those in power virtually everywhere, but the effects are increasingly looking K-shaped (the US stimulus payments notwithstanding). In particular, the hospitality and travel sectors are still reeling from the effects of the p
  9. So, the order of visits being Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US, we'll deal with the first three by way of a summary: -Australia and New Zealand are generally in favor, but have the caveat of economic dependence on China (more Australia than New Zealand on this front...in Australia's case, China is somewhere around 30-40% of their total export market). Some of this is stuff like ,wine, which can be re-marketed; some is raw materials which may not be economical to re-direct (especially iron ore [80% of that goes to China], petroleum gas [56% to China], and copper [about 44% to China], so a
  10. China: Tensions between the US and China have escalated intermittently, between the passage of the Xinjiang Act (recently signed into law) and occasional low-level diplomatic spats (the Chinese government seeming to take just about everything "personally" these days). Even in the run-up to its passage, the Xinjiang Act was already seen as having an impact (especially as some pressure has been mounting, in material ways, for companies to act proactively). However, while some of this has been in the form of non-Chinese companies rearranging supply chains, allegations are abounding that the X
  11. SIGNED Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
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