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  1. *Senator Lee calmly walks over to the Candy Desk and grabs a couple of Reese's Peanut Butter Minis*
  2. Steven Andrews: Fundraiser, FL (2.00 hrs) Fundraiser, NY (2.00 hrs) Richard Lee III: Fundraiser, VA (2.00 hrs) Fundraiser, CA (2.00 hrs)
  3. Mr. President, To save the chamber a bit of time, I would ask that my previous remarks be read back into the record to start with. So, to that end...
  4. Mr. President, I think we might as well take the Senator's vote against my nomination as a given and call it a day. Seeing as two of the three questions asked do not actually have anything to do with the duties of my department - and I would like to point out that the Senator has certainly taken the time to tangle with every form of race-baiting that they could engage in under the cover of this hearing while not even making the effort to cover the broad variety of other issues under my department - I think that speaks for itself. Mr. President, under my remit (OOC: due to the nature of the game) would come questions of public transportation - you know, things like buses that millions of people take to get to work. Many of them, indeed a disproportionate number of them, are minorities. We could have had a productive conversation about what could be done there. Or we could have talked about useful ways to reform housing grants and what could be done to prevent housing assistance grant recipients from being locked out of apartment complexes for that reason alone. Hell, Mr. President, perhaps we could even talk about pursuing equity in the home loan sector. But all the Senator wants to do is throw some chum into the water for her base...does the Senator perhaps have a tight primary coming up next year? Since I have the microphone, I'm going to answer some of those questions: HUD and the Treasury absolutely need to do more to ensure that the Fair Housing Act's requirements are met and that banks which discriminate in terms of loans - there's a secret shopper program that has been used and it has, in the past, frequently found evidence of discrimination - face an unpleasant reckoning for patterns of behavior which cannot be accounted for by the qualifications of the would-be homebuyer or the nature of the property being purchased. Legislatively, I would support going so far as to forcibly refund excess interest through court actions as a way of dealing with existing violators. On transportation, I want to see more funding for transit. In as many places as it is feasible to do so, I would like to see a stronger effort to ensure that fast, frequent transit options - whether we're talking buses, light rail, subways, or other options - are available. Since you didn't ask about it, Senator, have you ever tried to connect from a subway that runs reasonably frequently but may or may not have great reliability - say, the DC Metro or the New York subway system - to a less-frequent connection - like, say, the suburban buses in DC, or New Jersey Transit or any other commuter system? There are millions of people who get stuck spending time waiting at a bus shelter in the winter because of a botched connection to a low-frequency transit service. We do need to see to that, and I will work to achieve the funding needed to permit us to see to it. I also intend to do my best to clean out the board over at Amtrak, which has in recent years backed up a CEO who seems to have very little interest in running long-distance trains - trains, which I would note, have greater ridership among minorities than the areas they serve would suggest and which in some cases are the only intercity transportation available to residents of a given area - while he's happy to pour billions of dollars into new Acela trains. Don't get me wrong, the business case for those trains is solid and Amtrak has been approaching an operational break-even point, but there's a broader mission that needs to be fulfilled and we need to step in where the private sector has decided not to bother. On the question that actually has something to do with my job and which I suspect I have more remit over, I believe that the proper answer to the Senator's question would be that we should pursue a reform of the National Environmental Policy Act to account for concerns about burial grounds and the like. However, I also have to point out that while it is well and good to take up examples of burial grounds in the Great Plains, I could also point out the saga surrounding the Honolulu Area Rapid Transit project and the tangle of lawsuits there. Bluntly, more clarity is needed in the law in that respect, but in cases where a viable alternative is available - say, in routing a pipeline - that option should definitely be preferred. Anyhow, Mr. President, I apologize for interrupting the Senator's regularly scheduled programming...where were we?
  5. Mr. President, I would have to disagree with that approach, at least in a vacuum. There have been sufficient, credible cases of corruption...I can run down the list over the last decade, but there was a "Pay to Play" scandal among the Choctaw in 2015, there have been disenrollment scandals, and so on. There are several Sioux reservations which have known reputations for police brutality. But giving them a unsanctioned self-determination on the use of their lands...well, it would at least have to come with restrictions on their ability to kick tribal members out or deny them benefits and it would need to come with better oversight on their elections processes, and in some cases the sorts of oversight over their police forces that have been necessary in some cities. And I cannot help but be concerned at the prospect of potentially reducing oversight in these cases where a lack of oversight is clearly not the problem. To be clear, I believe that such oversight also needs to come with appropriate support for compliance...this should not be an unfunded mandate upon some of the poorest governments in America. And I believe it should also come with efforts to assist tribes in pursuing development, and doing so in a way that does not harm the land, where it is possible. But these changes need to happen regardless, and many of these changes - things not hinted at by your question - have long been necessary to help deal with many of the deep ills on these reservations.
  6. Mr. President, I want to apologize for answering a question with a question, but could we get into more specifics? Are we strictly talking questions of land access rights? Are we talking about some of the corruption issues that have been alleged in several tribes - something which would probably fall in a shared remit between myself and the Attorney General? Or are we talking about issues relating to the funding of various services - something which I believe would fundamentally require some degree of Congressional action?
  7. Signed back in (Interior Secretary/Cabinet)
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  13. From the Office of Steven Andrews Andrews Endorses Fitzgerald Following the latest results in the primaries, Steven Andrews has withdrawn and endorsed Sen. Fitzgerald for the nomination. View full press release
  14. Following the latest results in the primaries, Steven Andrews has withdrawn and endorsed Sen. Fitzgerald for the nomination.
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