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  1. After some time of the leadership mangling the name in various, sundry, and often comical ways...Baileachadh has its name shortened and is officially renamed "Blech".
  2. Due to issues with pronunciation (and the name frequently being mangled somewhat comically), Baileachadh is renamed (in custom at first, and finally formally) as "Blech".
  3. [More of a diplomacy "thing", but...] Qui Shu offers the following in exchange for Nazraah not lodging objections to this sort of thing (and for continued support) -Qui Shu will provide Nazraah with pottery. -Qui Shu will, when fortuitous [aka when the map expands], offer support for expeditions for Nazraah to explore the south/east for expansion room. -Qui Shu will disclaim interest in the Lake of Miracles oasis [but makes no representations about other powers' interests there].
  4. I'd like to vassalize Baileachadh. On the basis of the rolls (I technically had a "TPK" on the city), I'd like to ask if this could be done without a battle (especially since the "modification" likely wouldn't have happened if I'd rolled slightly worse...).
  5. Nasraah has been admitted to the alliance. (Three of the four members assented; the fourth did not reply for nearly a week, and given players flitting in and out of the game we're considering that sufficient.)
  6. A joint attack is launched on Bailechadach by Qui Shu, Nasraah, and Manzriah. Qui Shu and Manzriah each contribute 330 men; Nasraah contributes 100 men. All are armed with spears. The attack is a raid; received AP is to be divided in proportion to the military forces provided. [This order will only proceed if Manzriah posts their contribution as well.]
  7. 410, if I have them. [You don't even need to bother with the strategy roll...450:90 means that I'll have 1230 power on a 1 and they'll have 270 power on a 6. 1220 should round up to the 5:1 bonus (4.5:1 is 1215).]
  8. City: Qui Shi Trades FLAX being given to MANZIRAH (for SHEEP) FLAX being given to GNAR (for defense guarantee) FLINT being given to LIAN (for COPPER) FISH being given to LIAN (for WOOD) BEER, WHEAT, and LENTILS being given to NASRAAH Tech Purchases (9300 AP Spent) Ritual Burial 2 in Qui Shu (1000 AP) Ritual Burial 3 in Qui Shu (1500 AP) Animal Domestication 3 in Qui Shu (1500 AP) Government 1 in Qui Shu (1000 AP) Government 2 in Qui Shu (2000 AP) Pottery 1 in Qui Shu (1000 AP) Housing 1 in Qui Shu (1000 AP) Subtotal: 9000 AP in Qui Shu ===== ===== ===== ===== ===== Hunting 1 in Kalactin (100 AP) Gathering 1 in Kalactin (100 AP) Storytelling 1 in Kalactin (100 AP) Subtotal: 300 AP in Kalactin Tribute/Aid (N/A) N/A Best Roleplayer (CANNOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF; MAX 3 VOTES) PLAYER PLAYER PLAYER
  9. Qui Shu confirms this commitment.
  10. Qui Shi now launches a Subjugate attack against Kalactin with the intent of installing a replacement, vassalized regime with its full military force (carrying spears, of course). Terms will, of course, be offered (given the overwhelming force involved...IIRC Kalactin should "only" have about 90 club-wielding folks left from the last battle).
  11. Due to what will, in history, be known as the "Sheep Affair" (a broken trade deal from a few years earlier that had been festering for some time as their partner had failed to follow through on an agreement), an army from Qui Shu marched on Kalactin with approximately 3/4 of the able-bodied adults, armed with spears (the remainder being left at home; it's only a 2-3 day march, after all). As the city was approached, the army (likely numbering roughly that of Kalactin's entire population, if rumors are to be believed) presents terms: The city of Kalactin will submit itself to the protection of Qui Shi. It will join the alliance as a subordinate member and not maintain an independent foreign policy (except with respect to trade). It will provide shipments of olives to the members of the alliance, and it will transfer its standing AP to Qui Shi. The city shall agree to a "change in leadership" at the discretion of Qui Shi. In exchange, the city will be levelled up to level 3 each in Hunting, Storytelling, and Gathering, shall have its independence guaranteed, and shall otherwise be left to its devices. If no response is forthcoming, a raid is ordered (to be followed up with a subjugation attack later...) [24 hours is OOCly provided for a response, either for negotiation or for surrender in line with these terms. @Bradley Grant [OOC: I'm more than happy to talk or back off if Bradley turns back up, but he hasn't submitted orders for the last two turns, so...regime change FTW?] [OOC 2: Bradley said he's not coming back, so...let's roll.]
  12. Paperwork. Lots of paperwork. Also, taxes. Because those two things go together. (OOC: Please don't take this as my actual legend. I just couldn't help myself.)
  13. When the sun had grown old one year (she is, after all, reborn every winter), she began to experience more heat than usual, and randomly as well. As the colder seasons came, one of out ancestors petitioned her for something to help get through the cold seasons when she was not around. In her anger (it was that time of the year, after all, as well as that time of the month...the moon was elsewhere, and so the sun was lonely and moody...she could disappear for days with the seasonal rains when she felt like it), the sky grew dark and lightning crackled through the sky, striking dry trees in the hills with the sparks. In inspiration from this, one man remembered that he had seen special rocks [1] do the same thing, and he began working with them, and he made his own sparks. After the storm had passed, he offered thanksgiving to the sun. The sun accepted his gratitude as she emerged from the clouds, but a final nearby bolt of lightning made it clear that when she was in that state she was not to be bothered again, nor petitioned to return from behind the clouds in that season. [1] Likely flint.
  14. [Just for Bruce: The tribe was in the hills. This was out at sea.]
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