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  1. Hey, we are currently in between rounds. Will be sure to let you know when the time comes for the next reset!
  2. Is there any reason why we can't use some real demographic identifiers rather than political ideologies? Things like gender, socio-economic status, race, etc.? This is, in some ways, easier to ascertain because the information is already collected through census information.
  3. I would rather completely replace attributes, or else get rid of it. If we replace it with a traits system, I'm ok with that. But the attributes system seems to complicate things without really adding a significant amount to the actual game play, imo.
  4. I have a lot of ideas for elections which I will turn into a document and then post here soon. Basically, making the mechanics force players to make choices in their strategy: ground game vs air game; targeted or wide; base or marginal. These grand-level strategic choices will inform their decisions as they go throughout the election. Results will be based off of a combination of coherent strategy and, crucially, execution.
  5. I think we can cut down on the number of Senate seats significantly. If they're meant to be for players who are "a cut above" and significantly more prestigious, then it should really be a smaller portion of the overall player base who get there. Furthermore, it is imperative that every Senate race has a Republican and a Democrat challenging for it. To that end, I propose that we actually go to 9 Senate seats, 3 every 2 years. These seats would represent one state only (despite my fondness of regions, I know they aren't super popular), and we would select the states for balance and competitiveness. I think that, with the more likely number of players that we will start with, 3 races will be plenty enough -- especially if we also decide to have an election to determine a player White House.
  6. So obviously in running in PA again.
  7. Barclay


    I have given a good deal of thought, consideration, and prayer and I am disappointed to say that I will be voting against Biden's SCOTUS nominee (1) Judge Jackson is an intelligent, well-spoken woman and, I'm sure, a capable jurist. But she teeters dangerously close to the line of results-oriented jurisprudence and couldn't tell me what constituted a "just outcome" during her testimony. (2) On the highest court in the land, we need to be sure that our justices have air-tight judicial philosophies, and are there to protect, not decrease, the constitutional and democratic values of our country. I can't be sure Jackson will do that, so I can't vote for her in good conscience. (3)
  8. Name: M.B. SpearsParty: RepublicanCurrent Position: SenatorPosition Seeking: Senator
  9. SPEARS VOTES AGAINST JACKSON FOR SCOTUS After a thorough testimony, Pennsylvania Senator Matt Spears has voted not to confirm the Biden-nominated Katanji Jackson to the Supreme Court. The Republican Senator said that "while Ms. Jackson is clearly an intelligent and gifted jurist, her answers were ultimately unacceptable on some very key questions." Notably, the nominee failed to answer directly when asked what constituted a just outcome. "My concern, and I think this is a fairly common belief, is that Judge Katanji adheres to a judicial philosophy of results-based jurisprudence. This means that she does not take the law itself as her guide, but judges according to the outcome. I cannot, in good conscience, support a candidate for the Supreme Court who would contribute to the expansion of judicial power, or who supports setting policy from the bench. That, I believe, is contrary to the constitution and democratic values of these United States of America. For that simple reason, I have decided to vote against her nomination." The nomination, which is currently before the Senate for a vote, is the first appointment made by President Biden. Senator Spears said that it is his hope that this nomination fails and that the White House returns to Congress with a more suitable, moderate candidate. - 30 -
  10. Fundraiser -- NY Fundraiser -- TX
  11. Mr. President, Who is Moa? I yield
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