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Game Opens January 1, 2021

Signups begin December 27th!


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    Christmas Break

    In observance of the Christian Christmas holiday in the United States, GPS will pause IC for the day.
  14. Bruce

    Thanksgiving Break

    In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, GPS will pause IC for the day.
  15. Bruce

    Easter Break

    In observance of the Christian Easter holiday, GPS will pause IC for the day.
  16. Bruce

    Cash 2

    Objective: Like our Facebook page Reward: + $3 million Like our page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/globalpoliticssim Once you have liked our page, reply to this thread with a link to your Facebook profile to receive + $3,000,000 to your Senate character. ((NOTE: Alternatively, you can send me a PM with a link to your Facebook profile if you prefer to keep it private.))
  17. Bruce

    Cash 1

    Objective: Refer other players to the game Reward: +$1 million per new player Having fun playing GPS? It'd be even more fun to play with your friends! If you refer the game to someone and they complete all of the New Player Tutorial Quests, reply to this thread to receive + $1,000,000. You're eligible to claim this cash for each new player without limit. Only new players to this round are eligible to be claimed for this reward.
  18. You'll notice that the site now has a darker theme and other cosmetic changes. Feel free to let us know what you think. By the way, if you're not digging the dark theme, the previous lighter one is still available. You can adjust your account's default theme at the bottom of each page.
  19. We now have the ability to embed Google docs into posts. This includes spreadsheets, slides, drawings, etc. It doesn't seem to work for Maps or Forms currently, but will still be a huge win for efficiency, integration, and cosmetic appeal to the site. I'm attaching to this post a little how-to so that you can utilize the function as well. I can see it being a big advantage when writing legislation. Google Docs Embed.pdf
  20. Round 6 admin roles: @Bruce @Steven Andrews @Jack @Brown Chief Admin Domestic Politics International Treaties & IGOs NPC World Leaders Military Naval Covert Actions
  21. I'm very happy to announce that @Jack @Brown and @Steven Andrews will be joining the admin team for Round 6. We'll be working hard to bring you an awesome round after the holidays!
  22. Bruce

    Signups Open

    Make your claims now!
  23. Bruce

    Round 6 Begins!

    Round 6 begins!
  24. Bruce

    December 2021

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