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  1. State your intentions to run for President here.
  2. Bruce

    Middle East CODEL

    Due to other factors let's skip ahead to the meeting with King Salman and MBN in Riyadh.
  3. Bruce

    Middle East CODEL

    After getting the requested refreshments, the Prime Minister invites any questions you may wish to ask.
  4. Bruce

    Middle East CODEL

    As the delegation touches down in Tel Aviv you are greeted by the mayor as well as the US ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro who is serving as your guide on this leg of the trip. After the obligatory photo ops, the 3 Congressmen and the Ambassador are driven to a government building in the city. The delegation is quickly brought through security and brought to a large meeting room. Shapiro does the introductions. "Gentlemen, the Prime Minister of Israel." He sweeps his hand towards the PM across a conference table flanked by staff. He shakes each of your hands and invites you to sit across the table from him. "Welcome to Israel, gentlemen," he says in clear English. "Let's chat. Would you care for a refreshment?" @Dogslife @SWMissourian @Nubbie @Steven Andrews
  5. Bruce

    Middle East CODEL

    "Good man, thank you. I'm sure he will appreciate it."
  6. Bruce

    Middle East CODEL

    "We believe it is a photo of the Prime Minister and his mother. It was found in a home he was living in while in exile in Britain."
  7. Bruce

    Middle East CODEL

    The first member of Congress to arrive, Mr. Motter of Colorado surveys the small plane. There are a few people already on board, presumably security personnel or staffers, so he finds he has his pick of seats. He chooses a seat in the middle of the plane and settles in for the flight to Tel Aviv. Slightly turning in his seat to pull out his smartphone from his pocket to check emails, he makes eye contact with a gentleman across the aisle behind who nods a greeting. With an obvious British accent, the stranger speaks, "You're Bill Motter, right? Democrat from Colorado? I don't think we have met, but I recognize you from the TV. I'm Nigel Rowe with the British embassy. Your government was kind enough to allow me to hitch a ride to Israel, but I won't be joining you on the rest of your trip. I understand you are meeting with Haider al-Abadi, yes? The embassy recently came across something that the Prime Minister may be grateful in having back." Nigel hands the Congressman a framed photo and smiles approvingly. Motter looks over the photo; it appears to be a Middle Eastern woman holding a young child. By this time the plane is beginning to fill with people as Congressmen Madison and Sharp take their respective seats. After Colonel Harmony Melton introduces herself over the intercom, the plane soon lifts off and begins the journey to Tel Aviv. OOC: Does anyone wish to take any actions before we move forward with the next event? (Meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Ambassador Daniel B. Shapiro). This is very freeform roleplaying, so anything is on the table -- think of me as the Dungeon Master in our little D&D game here if that's a better frame of reference. @Dogslife @SWMissourian @Nubbie @Steven Andrews
  8. Bruce

    Middle East CODEL

    We won't quite be wheels up until this evening, but members of Congress are able to claim their seats on the plane. Using the chart below, please select your seats on a first come first serve basis. For example, Row 8 Seat B would be the aisle seat in the middle of the plane near the emergency exits (if that kind of thing matters to you). @SWMissourian @Nubbie @Dogslife If there are any last minute attendees, you are still welcome as well.
  9. Bruce

    Middle East CODEL

    As members of the House Intelligence committee, you are invited to join a Congressional delegation to a few countries in Southwestern Asia to meet with various officials, strengthen diplomatic relations, and have any questions answered you may want to present. The plane is leaving in just over 24 hours (OOC date 7/23 @ 11:59 PM), so be sure to claim your seat before that time by having a character signed in and posting as a reply to this thread. We will be roleplaying the trip over the next few weeks, ending well before Round 7 officially begins. The IC date of the trip is December 2, 2015 - December 5, 2015 (meaning that Presidential candidates can participate without issue). Tentative Itinerary (all times local) 12/2 5:00 PM: Arrive in Tel Aviv, Israel 6:00 PM: Meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Ambassador Daniel B. Shapiro 9:00 PM: Private Party at home of Michael Cherney and Nicol Raidman 12/3 6:00 AM: Wheels up en route to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 11:00 AM: Lunch with King Salman, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, and Ambassador Joseph W. Westphal 7:00 PM: Wheels up en route to Al Asad Airbase in Iraq 12/4 8:00 AM: Meeting with military officials (TBD) 1:00 PM: Meeting with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Ambassador Stuart E. Jones in Baghdad 5:00 PM: Meeting with representatives of the NGO Al-Zuhoor Women Organization in Baghdad, Iraq 8:00 PM: Arrive back at Al Asad Airbase in Iraq; free evening with troops 12/5 8:00 AM: Wheels up to Washington, DC
  10. Players are able to create their House characters at any time in preparation for the elections and round open.
  11. I'm not sure if we've officially announced this yet, but just to clarify. In Round 7, all players will start in the House of Representatives. If we have the player base to support it (hint hint), we may open the Senate up eventually.
  12. Bruce

    116th Congress Opens

  13. 2020 Election Schedule (President) TBD: POTUS Filing Deadline TBD: Primary Turn 1 TBD: Primary Turn 2 TBD: Primary Turn 3 TBD: Primary Turn 4 TBD: Primary Turn 5 TBD: Primary Turn 6 TBD: Primary Turn 7 TBD: Primary Turn 8 TBD: National Conventions TBD: Turn 1 TBD: Turn 2 TBD: Turn 3 TBD: Inauguration 2020 Election Schedule (Congress) TBD: Filing Deadline TBD: Turn 1 TBD: Turn 2 TBD: Turn 3
  14. 116th Congress (2019-2020) November 1: Congress Opens TBD: Congress Adjourns
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