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    Round 2 Announcements

    Round 2 has come to a close to allow the admin team to restructure the game to better fulfill our game mission. Round 3 will begin after the holidays, likely early/mid January. Beginning with the next round, we will set a tradition of GPS alternating rounds between the modern era and an historical era. In Round 3, our start date will be January 1, 1946. This era provides a couple of key advantages to the game's current mission as it starts with a relatively fewer number of independent countries and adds more as IC history develops (thus opening up more spots for players) and can operate actively with only a handful of players. More importantly this start date provides an abundance of potential scenarios to be played and allows players to shape the modern world however you would like. Also in Round 3, we will no longer be focusing primarily on the United States government. Rather, each country will be played by one player with more positions added as the game grows. Available countries are split into 2 tiers with only Tier 2 (represented in green in the map below) available to players on a first come first serve basis. The players for Tier 1 countries (red in the map below) are selected by the admin team after an application process to ensure realism and activity from the most important players.
  4. I'm sure you have questions about the new round. Ask 'em here.
  5. Welcome! Attributes Experience 5 Name Recognition 10 Wealth 20 Charisma 65
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    Name: Sean Kirchner

    Welcome! Attributes Experience 5 Name Recognition 10 Wealth 40 Charisma 45
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    Tech Requests

    Sure thing. https://www.globalpoliticssim.com/forum/66-special-committee-on-appropriations/
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    Tech Requests

    Good to go. Sorry it took a minute.
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    Launch date: December 1, 2021
  10. Attributes Experience 15 Name Recognition 20 Wealth 40 Charisma 25 Approved. I'm sorry about the delay.
  11. Attributes Experience 30 Name Recognition 20 Wealth 10 Charisma 40 Approved. Sorry for the delay.
  12. Sorry for the delay. Approved, thank you. Attributes Experience 10 Name Recognition 15 Wealth 40 Charisma 35 Officially create your media entity here:
  13. Signed out due to Magnuson moving into an executive role. Players are limited to no more than one character in each branch of government. @Michael please appoint a new Attorney General at your convenience. 10 10 30 50 $5,550,000 @Jewell
  14. One follow up if I may, sir. So why not then add it to the 5th budget for debate?
  15. @Pinnacle Natalie Hunter, Washington Post: "Senator, now that the budget has been introduced, when will it be voted on?"
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