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  1. To ensure that we're fully ready to offer a groundbreaking govsim experience next round, we will be delaying the opening of the next round until summer 2021. Check back here for further updates. Thank you for your understanding.
  2. Divided U.S.: @Bluto Each player will start out with absolutely zero resources that once belonged to the United States i.e. Military ships, planes, equipment, etc. military bases in states no longer in the United States have been closed and each nation has a debt of 5 billion U.S. dollars for each former U.S. state they now own. When you register a nation you will along with giving a name to your country will be required to submit a budget (as done by percentage) here is what the U.S. budget looked like, by percentage in a pie chart for individual state budgets please look that up yourse
  3. PGA Tour Minigame: @Jewell Prior to the start of the 1960 PGA Tour, there will be two events played: the 1959 Azalea Open, and the 1959 Masters. Your golfer may play at the Azalea Open, the Masters, both, or neither. Bear in mind that the Azalea Open may tire your golfer out before a big tournament like the Masters, and it has lower prestige, but it is a much safer bet to play in the Azalea Open than the Masters, especially due to the fairly high chances of missing the cut at the Masters, and the fairly high chances of placing very well at the Azalea Open. Please contact me prior to th
  4. College Football Playoffs Minigame: @TexAgRepublican Bruce suggested to me that I put together a sports minigame. So what I decided to do was use a website called whatifsports.com for us to simulate a hypothetical 16 team playoff in 2016 (the latest set of teams available on the website). This is what I sent to Bruce via PM: Have you ever seen this website? https://www.whatifsports.com/ncaafb/ I've played around with it in the past. It simulates hypothetical matchups for many different sports. For college football, you can set your lineup along with your offensive str
  5. @Chris This is a way to earn donations and ads from different PACs. In the below thread sell yourself to each PAC. Please identify which PAC you are promising something to. Keep in mind these will not be leaked unless I choose so no character can use it against you. Conservative: Christian Coalition National Defense Industries Association Chamber of Commerce American Petroleum Institute NRA Liberal: NAACP AFL-CIO Sierra Club Move On Brady Campaign  Moderate Rural Institute Common Cause
  6. State Voters Dem Delegates Rep Delegates GOP Primary Alabama 2,179,351 60 50 20% Threshold Alaska 315,708 20 28 13% Threshold Arizona 2,415,654 85 58 WTA Arkansas 1,123,610 37 40 15% Threshold California 13,698,623 548 172 15% Threshold Colorado
  7. Republicans: Nationalist -- hawks, high defense spending, pro gun rights, anti free trade, anti immigration Evangelical -- conservative on social issues, church/state issues Business -- lower business and personal taxes for wealthy, pro free trade Moderate Conservatives -- right-leaning moderates Democrats: Moderate Liberals -- left-leaning moderates Social Justice Warrior -- anti-discrimination, pro immigration Progressive -- supports increased welfare programs, lower taxes on poor Globalist-- supports environmental protection, free trade, d
  8. VIP Program: Are you enjoying Capitol Hill? This game will always remain free to play, but there are undeniable expenses that come with running a game like this. In an effort to offset these expenses, bring in new players through advertising, and reward the game's admin team, we're now launching the VIP program! By donating any amount, you'll be rewarded with a month of great perks to get the most out of the game. It's important to note that these perks are specifically designed to improve the OOC aspects of the game and provide more IC opportunities, but they don't give your character a
  9. HQ Styles PI HQ Tier 1 brings in 2 PI per schedule Tier 2 brings in 4 PI per schedule Tier 3 brings in 8 PI per schedule Campaigning HQ Tier 1 gives a Tier 1 Ad level effect per schedule Tier 2 gives a Tier 2 Ad level effect per schedule Tier 3 gives a Tier 3 Ad level effect per schedule
  10. State Ads Polling HQ Per Level Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Alabama $5,400,000 $9,000,000 $12,600,000 $870,000 $8,700,000 Alaska $1,800,000 $3,000,000 $4,500,000 $130,000 $1,300,000 Arizona $6,600,000 $11,000,000 $16,500,000 $970,000 $9,700,000 Arkansas $3,600,000
  11. Head Quarters for Midession Schedules HQs are allowed to be acquired in a midsession schedule for both a campaigning HQ and a PI HQ. The HQ for the campaigning can be done but the benefits will only start to take effect when the first campaigning schedule (primary-general election) takes place. So the party could lay the framework earlier. After the election (every two years), the HQs go away and the process starts all over. An HQ requires 2 hours for one tier in a state of your choosing. The cost for an HQ is based on a per state basis found here:
  12. Campaign Consultants You may acquire the services of various consultants at different tiers each election cycle. They last from when you acquire them to the end of the election cycle every 2 years. Below are the consultants currently in the game:
  13. Political Influence Points Overview We will be adding another form of currency to the game. The currency is called PI or Political Influence Points (could also be PIP). This involves your characters influence with endorsers like newspapers and speakers. Each character will start with the same number of PI points as their Experience Attribute. The more experience your player has, the more influence they can wield. Acquisition of PI points 1. Each time your character upgrades his/her experience through attribute upgrades or quests, you will game that many PI points.
  14. State Wealth Fundraising The state wealth fundraising feature will place more value in where you place your fundraiser. A fundraiser in Montana will likely be significantly weaker than a fundraiser in Florida. For each fundraiser done in a state, the effectiveness of the next fundraiser in the same state will weaken. This way, if a candidate just fundraises in California, over time, California will not yield as high of results as previously before. If the state is your character's home state, the attribution effect will be less but still in place. The attribution effect will reset a
  15. Home state advantage Home state advantage will be playing a larger part in the Presidential Primaries and Presidential election. There will be a slight home state advantage for regional elections.
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