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    Character Name: Lincoln Conrad McNamara Avatar: Sam Seder Nation: United States Party: Democratic Home State: Pennsylvania Home County: Lackawanna County Home Media Market: Scranton, PA Previous Job: Pennsylvania State Senator (2015 to 2019); Scranton City Councilor (2011 to 2015); Personal Injury Attorney (2005 to 2011); AFL-CIO Attorney (2001 to 2005); UCFW Law Clerk (1999 to 2001) Date of Birth: July 5, 1975 Race / Ethnicity: Caucasian Religion: Atheist Wealth: Upper Middle Class Gender: Male Sexuality: Homosexual Are you married?: No How many children do you have?: 1 (Hazel) Which class of Senate seat is the one you're choosing?: Class I (2024)
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    Troubled by the partisanship being displayed by the Secretary of Defense on his official Twitter. (1/2) The GOP Majority is prepared to control the #JamesMagnusonShutdown by passing the Continuing Appropriations Act, which sufficiently funds DOD & DHS. (2/2)
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    Macmillan Travels to Pennsylvania, Urges BBA Support
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    Associated Press BREAKING NEWS [OOC: Appeals for OH, PA, and GA are due next Wednesday, November 20, at 11:49pm EST.]
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    "Good evening, Mr. President, "As I'm sure you're well aware by now, there's been quite a lot of talk about balancing the federal budget, particularly by my Republican colleagues. The government is spending too much, they tell us. We'll be spiraling into a debt crisis before you know it if we keep this up! "The issue has become so pressing for our friends across the aisle that a constitutional amendment was passed mandating a balanced budget. The Senate Majority Leader has even made it a point to say that he will not allow a budget to the Senate floor for debate if it is not balanced. I wish I could say I was shocked by this, but the truth is that this should surprise no one that has been paying attention for the past decade. Between filibusters over the ACA and blocking hearings for judicial nominees, congressional Republicans have a storied tradition of employing some of the Senate's anti-democratic powers for partisan purposes. "Would the Majority Leader accept a balanced budget if it meant drastic cuts to military spending? Would he accept it if it meant raising taxes on the obscenely wealthy? My guess is that he would not. You see, when fiscal hawks like the gentleman from Arkansas talk about balancing the budget, DACA will be the first to go, followed by food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security. I could go on, but the point I'm making here is this is an underhanded attack on the needy in this country. It will be working families that pay the highest burden for a balanced budget as Republican lawmakers envision it. "Now, the national debt is not like personal debt. It does not matter how much debt a country has accumulated as much as the ratio of the debt to the GDP. As long as the economy grows faster than the debt, it is not a cause for concern. This works the same way in the business world with multi-national corporations like Amazon, which I'm sure we all would agree is doing better than ever. But this becomes a bit of a problem during periods of economic downturn, where people are out of work, there's less money flowing through the economy, and less tax dollars coming in. With less revenue coming in to the federal government, that means the debt's more likely to grow. But you know what would help keep the economy flowing and help get people back on their feet? That's right: a robust social safety net. "Of course, this is a matter for the Congress to discuss, and I am more than happy to have that discussion in front of the American people. The gentleman from Arkansas is not, but that is not his decision to make. No one elected him outside of the state of Arkansas. He is not the President of the United States, nor is he the Secretary of the Treasury. If he wants cuts, he needs to make his case right here in the Senate. "I call on my fellow Senators, the President, and the American public to join me in denouncing this cowardly, authoritarian move to stifle debate as well as the dishonest attack on the social safety net. Let's move beyond these concepts which are utterly abstract to anyone that isn't an economic professor, and instead start focusing on issues that matter to real people like solving the student debt and medical debt crises. "Thank you."
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    Jackson Scott Burch @JacksonBurch I was elected as the new Senate President Pro Tempore by a unanimous vote! #NewSheriffInTown #WelcomeToMyHouse
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    Webb "Mags" Magnuson @Mags Today, I was proud to stand with the President and Congress in passing the Continuing Appropriations Act of 2021. Together, with the support of every single Senator, Republican and Democrat, we have put an end to this shutdown and reopened our government.
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    FREEDOM NEWS with Richard Hayes S.1, E.1 The budget is out and the United States has a new Vice President. Good afternoon Freedom Fighters and welcome to the first episode in this series. Freedom News will bring you all the tea on what's going on in Washington D.C. and policies that affect you and me. I will run away from the liberal mainstream media when they come attacking me from every which way; no, fake news has no place here. Enough of that, let's get started. Segment 1. The Budget. The budget is finally out. After weeks and months of push back from Senate Republicans, President Declan James has finally brought his budget to Congress to negotiate and adopt. The budget is, however, late. Yes, late! A government shutdown is now underway. The "Do Nothing President" has acted too slow to prevent a government shutdown. Sounds like President Hoover reacting to the Great Depression, cough cough. Republican Senators, Senate Majority Leader Grant Pinnacle and President Pro Tempore Jackson Burch, has both called out the James Administration on Twitter still in wait of the President's budget. Senator Burch indicated in a tweet that a shutdown is looming due to the "...very quite, and shy President Declan..." who hasn't submitted his budget to Congress nor included Congressional GOP leaders in budget negotiations. Everything was done by "Democrats in a private room..." Senator Pinnacle had the same tone on twitter, urging the James Administration to "work together to craft a good budget." The Senator went a step further and started the #JamesMagnusonShutdown trend on Twitter. Democrats like Secretary of Defense, Armatage Shawshank, and United States Senator, Terrence Montague, attacked Republicans on Twitter blaming the #JamesMagnusonShutdown on Senate Republicans. Secretary Shawshank attacked Senate Majority Leader, Grant Pinnacle, on Twitter stating that the Senator can prevent a shutdown by "introducing it [the budget] it in the Senate." Senator Montague placed blame of the shutdown on Republicans, calling it a GOP Debacle Shutdown. The twitter fiery ended with Senator Burch schooling Senator Montague on Constitutional roles, saying that Congress ought to go back to what the Constitution gives it the power to do and that is to control the purse and remove it from the President's hands. Not a bad idea to prevent a do nothing President from shutdown the government. Senate Minority Leader Pinnacle, in an effort to subvert a government shutdown, proposed the "Continuing Appropriations Act of 2021," which was quickly acted upon by President Pro Tempore Burch. If it had not been for a Republican majority, we would be preparing for a lengthier shutdown. To our Republican Senators, thank you. Segment 2. A New Vice President. The Senate voted to confirm then-Senator Magnuson as the next Vice President of the United States. Vice President Magnuson, in his hearing, advocated that he would preside over the Senate as much as possible and that is exactly what happened. The Vice President began by bringing to the floor three bills, presiding over two bills and agreeing to allow President Pro Tempore Burch preside over the "Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act." According to Senator Burch's office, the Vice President and the Senator worked out an agreement that would allow both to preside over the Senate equally so that they may fulfill their other roles as Vice President and as RNC Chair. Will this Vice President be a future Presidential candidate? Can't say for certain, but I am sure that Republicans have their eyes on him. Segment 3. Democrat Senator Incoherent Behavior. Senator Terrence Montague attacked the "Equal Campus Access Act" and the "Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act." The "Equal Campus Access Act" prohibits universitites to receive federal funding if they discriminate against religious organizations, pure violating their first amendment right. Senator Montague motioned to table the bill calling it "laughable." Senator Burch attacked back by calling out the Senator and by calling his statement "unAmerican" and unbecoming of a United States Senator. Senator Montague went on to attack the Born-Alive Abortion Survivor Protection Act, objecting to its passage by unanimous consent because it infringes on women's healthcare rights. Really? Killing a born baby is infringing on the health of a mother? This story is still developing. We'll keep you updated. Conclusion. A government shutdown is still underway. Furloughed federal employees are temporarily without a job and without pay due to the lateness of a budget proposal by the JamesMagnuson Administration. Thank you for joining us Freedom Fighters! We'll catch you next time, and remember, it is your right to vote. It is time to take power away from the power hungry Democrats and place the country in the hands of the Republican Party. This is your host Richard Hayes with Freedom News.
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    Jackson Scott Burch @JacksonBurch We (the GOP) literally held off on legislation just so that the President can submit his budget. How about next time we follow the constitution and the President gets a budget from Congress that he must sign.
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    Mr.President, America is a home for all who are prosecuted no matter the color of their skin nor their economic status, with that in mind I'd like to ask the author of this bill where the proof of need for these people to be granted asylum given his party is so very against giving asylum to well anyone even those who need it. I yield.
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    #SenateGOP recently introduced the Continuing Appropriations Act to keep our government open for a few more months. See my comments here »
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    Macmillan Welcomes Continuing Resolution
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    What Republicans don't understand if they shut down the government A) A shutdown hurts our capabilities to protect our country from external threats and B) hinders our abilities to tend to our vets...yet they tell us the are the party of the military and vets
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    I’m glad to see the Administration taking responsibility in advance of the #JamesMagnusonShutdown. We need to finally work together to craft a good budget; and immediately pass the Consolidated Appropriations Act!
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    @Huntington4Maine: Although the Democratic Party stand opposed to the BBA, under no circumstance will we tolerate yet another government shutdown either. In this new age of bipartisanship, we have to think of something that doesn't cut vital services in the name of "fiscal responsibility".
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    Senator Magnuson Responds to SML Pinnacle’s Comments on the Budget Asked by reporters in the halls of the Senate about Leader Pinnacle’s remarks regarding the recently unveiled federal budget, SmL Magnuson offered the following response:
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    @Huntington4Maine: With all due respect, Grant, the last time the American people let the GOP have juristiction over the debt, you started a trade war with China, tried to build a pointless wall, and create a goddamn Space Force. We haven't forgotten; you only care about fiscal responsibility when it supports your agenda.
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    One follow up if I may, sir. So why not then add it to the 5th budget for debate?
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    Russia's main (quasi-independent) press organ.
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    Russian Government Announces Intention to Negotiate Bering Strait Connection Sources within the Kremlin advised Russia Today that they have begun informal approaches to the United States about the possibility of constructing a fixed link across the Bering Strait. Though such a project would likely take many years, something which the sources acknowledged, the benefits for both Russia and the world are seen as being "worthwhile". When approached about the possibility, a Kremlin spokesman acknowledged that such approaches were "in their earliest stages". He also pointed out that even if the link itself did not materialize, providing a railroad connection into the Russian Far East had great potential in terms of resource extraction.
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    Mags walks to the well to cast what he hopes will be his final vote as a Senator. Aye!
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    Grant Pinnacle 1. Attribute Upgrades - Name Rec (x2) - 30 mins, $4 M 2. Attribute Upgrades - Wealth (x2) - 30 mins, $4 M 3. Fundraiser (TX) - 2 hours Total: 3 hours, $8 million
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    Senate Republicans will not neglect our duty to the American people. #FiscalResponsibility #BBA #NoBSBudget #SenateGOP
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    Office of Senator Grant Pinnacle MAJORITY LEADER Re: Democrats’ “BS” Budget FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pinellas County—The Senator traveled to Florida this weekend to thank members of the state legislature for their recent ratification of the bipartisan Balanced Budget Amendment. Following which, he made the following remarks to Florida GOP leaders: “The great State of Florida—like Wisconsin, Texas, Oklahoma, and many states to come—has made clear to this Administration that a balanced budget is critical to getting this country back on track to prosperity. It’s essential to maintaining our national security. It’s key to ensuring our fiscal sustainability. But average-American concerns like these aren’t shared by some in D.C. As we speak, Democratic Senators and White House officials are in backroom meetings, pushing the clock to the last minute crafting a big secret budget—a “BS budget.” A pile of BS they want to slip through Congress without review, without ample consideration, by hiding it from Majority Senators until moments before the imminent James Shutdown. Florida isn’t buying it, and neither are Congressional Republicans. We stand behind Florida farmers, Arkansas small business owners, and our nation’s future generations by demanding a balanced budget that will help perpetuate American opportunity. We stand against a BS budget that increases our national debt, and we are prepared to fight for the value of fiscal responsibility until Democrats accept our invitation and come to the table.” ###
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    Dylan Macmillan: Fundraiser (OH) Fundraiser (CA)
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    @MacOH: It is essential that we pass the #BBA to ensure that we stop shovelling trillions of dollars of debt onto each and every new generation of Americans. @MacOH: I thank my colleagues in the Senate for backing it unanimously and urge all states, including my beloved Ohio, to ratify it quickly
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    Jackson Scott Burch @JacksonBurch The government will come to a halt soon if the very quiet, and shy President Declan doesn't submit his budget to Congress. I haven't seen a budget nor have I heard a whif of its details. #DoNothingDemocrats #DeclanShutdown Jackson Scott Burch @JacksonBurch A bipartisan budget is needed now to get it passed before a government shutdown on Monday. Right now, we have Democrats in a private room discussing the budget without GOP leadership. The public wants answers! #DemandBudgetNow
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    Attributes Experience 20 Name Recognition 10 Wealth 30 Charisma 40 Welcome back!
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    Attributes Experience 5 Name Recognition 10 Wealth 20 Charisma 65 Welcome back!
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    Character Name: Dylan Macmillan Nation: USA Party: Republicans Home State: Ohio Home County: Butler County Home Media Market: Cincinnati/Dayton Previous Job: Teacher Date of Birth: 11/05/1981 Race / Ethnicity: White Religion: Baptist Wealth: Middle Gender: Male Sexuality: Heterosexual Are you married?: Yes How many children do you have?: 2 Which class of Senate seat is the one you're choosing? (Use this to help): 2022 Election
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