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Albania Military Overview


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This post will maintain the complete overview of the nation's military. All aspects can be changed on a player's order.

Name - Stationed
Type: Number of Units (Tech Level)


Totals w/ Max Tech Level

Infantry: 2,000 (2)
Tank: 50 (1)
Aircraft: 100 (1)
Naval: 10 (1)
Atomic: 0 (0)



1st Army - Tirana, Albania
Infantry: 2,000 (2)
Tank: 50 (1)
Aircraft: 100 (1)



1st Fleet - Durrës, Albania
Naval: 10 (1)





Out of necessity, the starting national budgets and military strengths may not be historically accurate. However, great pains are taken to make things realistically proportional and balance enthusiastic gameplay. For the majority of countries, the RL information is simply not available. 

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