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Perry Driscoll Announces Presidential Run


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Perry Driscoll announces his Presidential Run at his Lucky 7 Casino arena in Las Vegas.

How are we doing today folks? It's so nice to see all of the thousands of you, very humbling. This truly is beyond anyone's expectations, thank you all for coming. I'm honored to have all of your support, and I know we're going to see crowds like this all around this great nation of ours, because I have come here today to formally announce, I am running the be the next President of the United States, and folks, let me tell you, we're going to win.

America is in real trouble right now. We have a weak and ineffective President who just today loosened the sanctions on Iran, unbelievable. For the past 8 years, we have watch America's greatness diminish through many moves like the one he made today. No longer can we sit idly by and allow this to continue. NO MORE! Starting today, we are going to usher in a new era that sees America respected in the world again. Our friends will once again see America as their greatest friend, and our enemies will see us as a force to be reckoned with, NO MORE WEAKNESS! Starting today, we are on a journey to Make America Great Again! 

Folks, we're getting killed out there, I mean we are getting screwed when it comes to things such as trade. China is destroying us, and it's ridiculous. Every trade deal we've made with the Chinese, we've been on the losing end of the deal. We need someone who is going to be able to win in a deal with China, and that person is me. I've dealt with the Chinese before, I have a casino in Macau, highly successful by the way, and let me tell you, it wouldn't be there if it wasn't for some masterful negotiation by me. Trust me folks, I'm going to bring my skills to the highest office in the land, and it will be the end of bad trade deals for America.

Another disaster we need to stop, is Obamacare. It's going to kick in this year as you know, and listen people, it's going to be a massive disaster. It's going to drive away the medical innovation that our country is known for. Doctors will quit, and healthcare quality will diminish bigly! In Britain they have whats called the NHS, and it is a total disaster. People waiting in lines, sometimes for months, just to see a doctor that will turn them away because there isn't enough space. Is that what we want in this country, HELL NO! We need to repeal Obamacare before its too late, and it can be replaced with something much better, something that will work, and something that will keep our healthcare quality the best in the world. 

When I'm President we're going to defeat ISIS. For far too long we've let them fester in Iraq and Syria, and it needs to end now. I'm going to let the generals do what they do best and that is defeat the enemy with whatever resources they need. And I'll tell you one thing, we sure as hell aren't going to be making anymore deals with Iran like the one made today. Iran is laughing at us folks, because as we speak right now, they are continuing to make their weapons. They don't care about any deal, and we are just letting it happen. It's sad folks. It's time to get tough on Iran, and for that fact North Korea. And let me just add, no President has been successful in stopping North Korea from making weapons, I WILL. 

Yes folks, when I am President, jobs are coming back to America. No more will jobs leave this country and go to China and Mexico. It's unbelievable, that over the past 20 years, we've allowed hardworking Americans to be laid off and it just gets worse and worse. The steel mills of Pittsburgh, the auto plants of Detroit, the coal mines of West Virginia, all losing to China and Mexico. It's sad, but I can bring these jobs back, because I will work tirelessly to ensure that the United States is a place where corporations want to open up shop again, and hire American workers. The places will be booming once again, and America will be Great once more! 

It can happen because we have tremendous people all around this great country who will come together like they always do. We will be stronger together and ensure that the American dream is still alive for ALL AMERICANS! So please, please join me today and we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! 

Senator Lonnie Kennedy

Senator from New Hampshire (2009-)

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