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Press Office of Perry Driscoll (R-NV)


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Driscoll explains his no votes on the motions to suspend the rules to pass the ENOUGH Act and the Survivors Bill of Rights

Currently there are two very fine bills in the Senate right now, the ENOUGH Act and the Survivors Bill of Rights. Let me make things clear, I support these two bills, but I cannot at this time vote to pass these two bills. Not without a proper debate. We in the Senate were elected to represent the American people and to scrutinize each and every bill that comes through. With the Senate Minority Leader's tactics as of late, he continues to railroad bills and does not allow for debate on any of the bills that he chooses to ram through. His first two bills he rammed through passed, and he saw this as an opportunity to continue to do so. No longer, that's why I've chosen to vote against these two bills. While it is unfortunate that these two bills won't pass as of now, we need to ensure that the United States Senate is working for you, the American People, in the most effective way. I will continue to vote no on everything Mr. Powell brings up until he chooses to stop this tactic and play by the rules! Not once has he come to us to help set the docket, he chooses to go around us. So much for bipartisanship. This is not how its supposed to work. So Senator, I look forward to hearing from you when we set the next docket. 

Senator Lonnie Kennedy

Senator from New Hampshire (2009-)

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