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New Characters (Required Template)


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To create a new character, you should click "Create New Topic" in this forum using the following template. All parts must be included for the bio to be approved.

Be sure to check that the Senate seat you're requesting is available by visiting the Senate Roster page.


Character Name: (Your candidate's name. Must be a fictional character of your design)

Nation: (Regular members can only play in one country.)

Party: (In the United States you can only play as a Republican or Democrat.)

Home State: (Your character's home state.)

Home County: (County, not countRy. You can find county-level demographics in the Factbook.)

Home Media Market: (You can find the media market your county is in with your state's Factbook page.)

Previous Job: (What was your character's job before entering Congress?)
Date of Birth: (Senators must be at least 30 years old. Be sure to check the current game date in the Calendar.)
Race / Ethnicity: 
Wealth: (Choose one: Upper Class, Upper Middle Class, Middle Class, Working Class, Poverty)
Gender: (Choose one: Male, Female, Other / Transgender)
Sexuality: (Choose one: Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, Undisclosed / Other)
Are you married?: (Choose one: Yes, No, Divorced, Widowed)
How many children do you have?: 

Which class of Senate seat is the one you're choosing? (Use this to help):

Detailed Bio (optional)

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