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Grant Pinnacle | First 100 Days


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Senator Grant Pinnacle




I am proud of the outstanding focus, dedication, and bipartisanship demonstrated by my GOP colleagues throughout this session. In just our first 100 days, Senate Republicans have:


•  Passed new laws that promote our national security interests and support American farmers, including the

    - Farming for Future Act,

    - SECURE Act,

    - Securing our Agriculture and Food Act, and

    - Cybersecurity Preparedness Act;

•  Advanced three additional bills to the President’s desk which I expect to be signed into law this week, including the

    - PEPFAR Extension Act,

    - U.S.-Israel Joint Missile Defense Act, and

    - Facilitating Farmers’ Access to Resources and Machinery Act; and

•  Confirmed essential, qualified Cabinet-nominees, including the Secretaries of Defense, State, and the Treasury.


While some officeholders in Washington spend their time and power pointing fingers, spinning stories, causing division among branches of government, and making empty promises, Senate Republicans continue to be America’s advocates. I welcome leadership and Senators from across the aisle to join the Senate GOP in crafting, docketing, and passing effective legislation. I’m eager to see what we accomplish in our next 100 days.

God bless y’all.

Congress & Supreme Court Admin

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Rep. Derek H. Gray (D-TX-20)

Speaker of the House & Democratic Party Chair


The Hon. John Roberts

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

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