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Fitzgerald 2024: People First


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Fitzgerald '24: People First
For Immediate Release 

Huntington, WV – Sen. Kyle Fitzgerald (R-WV) returned to his home state to announce the beginning of his 2024 presidential campaign. 

“It’s great to be back home today in West Virginia, and it’s been an honor serving as your new Senator. Thank you for that welcome. Two years ago, I came to this city and announced the beginning of a campaign to take out an entrenched, incumbent, career politician. So many people said we couldn’t win that race, but we did it together. We ran a campaign focused on people – not politicians or special interests – and pulled off a huge upset. 

“Since that campaign, I’ve worked hard for the people of West Virginia. I’ve passed legislation into law finally giving our coal miners the black lung benefits they deserve. I’ve passed legislation standing up for America and banning products made by slave labor in China. And I’ve been the tip of the spear in Washington against a radical liberal agenda that has killed American jobs, destroyed American opportunity and eroded American values. But our work is far from done. That is why today – after a lot of consideration and a lot of prayer – I have filed as a candidate for President of the United States! 

“I’m running for President because we need a government in Washington that puts people first again. Not multi-national corporations. Not special interests. Not career bureaucrats. It’s time to put People First again and enact common sense policies that will benefit the American people. Since Joe Biden took office, we’ve seen income inequality soar to even greater heights while ordinary American families suffer under crushing inflation. 

“How are we going to put People First again? We need to rebuild our supply chains. Bare Shelves Biden has allowed prices to surge as essential goods have become scarce. After the Keystone Pipeline was shut off and domestic energy production was restricted, we saw gas prices soar. We need to start making things in America again – oil, manufactured goods, everything – and make prices affordable again for working Americans.  

“We need to keep Big Tech and other big corporations in check. The rise of woke capital has allowed millions of American jobs to head overseas while multi-national corporations rake in record profits, eliminate competition through unfair acquisitions, suppress free speech and push a woke liberal agenda down our throats against our will. We need to control the power of woke capital and protect the rights of ordinary Americans. 

“We need to end illegal immigration. Joe Biden stopped the construction of President Trump’s border wall and allowed a humanitarian crisis to fester on our southern border as drugs and crime surged into our communities. We need to resume construction and complete Trump’s border wall and supplement the wall with virtual barriers. We will end illegal immigration and ensure that the best and brightest people from around the world are entering our country – legally. 

“Most importantly, we need to preserve traditional American values. The rights of the unborn matter and must be protected. It’s time to end the indiscriminate murder of millions of unborn Americans and repeal the radical Democrat abortion bill. We must also lower crime rates across America because all Americans deserve to live in safe communities. Joe Biden has allowed crime rates to rise to record levels, and we must restore law and order to America’s neighborhoods. 

“We are entering a critical moment in American history, as our emerging contact with extraterrestrial beings presents enormous opportunities. Who will profit from these opportunities? Will it be the multi-national corporations and woke elites who have benefited under Joe Biden’s reign? Or will it be the American People? When I’m President, you’ll know the answer. 

“Folks, we have a long road ahead of us. Unlike some of our opponents, we probably won’t have access to millions of dollars from SuperPACs. We may not have the support of Republican leadership and the establishment in Washington. However, we will have the support of the American People – just like we had right here in West Virginia. That’s because our campaign is going to put People First. Thank you for your support, and God bless America!”

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Former President Kyle Fitzgerald

Three-Time Republican Nominee

Nobel Peace Prize Winner

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