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Fitzgerald Introduces Medical Supply Chain Security Act


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Characters Referenced: Kyle Fitzgerald

From The Office of Kyle Fitzgerald
For Immediate Release 

Washington, DC – Sen. Kyle Fitzgerald (R-WV) spoke to the press after introducing the Medical Supply Chain Security Act.

“When COVID started we had a shortage of life saving medical devices, especially ventilators. We can’t allow this to happen again. That is why I introduced the Medical Supply Chain Security Act. This bill requires manufacturers of life-saving medical devices to notify the FDA if the device is discontinued or if there is any meaningful disruption to the device's manufacturing. The bill also authorizes the FDA to expedite review of these devices to mitigate or prevent a shortage. If there is ever another pandemic, we can’t be caught off guard again. We must secure our medical supply chain to ensure that American patients always get the care they need.”

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Former President Kyle Fitzgerald

Three-Time Republican Nominee

Nobel Peace Prize Winner

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