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Motion to Override the President’s Veto


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Mr. President,

Kate’s Law, a major advancement of America’s domestic security and immigration integrity, was developed through bipartisanship and careful deliberation. It passed cloture, then passed both houses of Congress.

Yesterday, the President of the United States exercised his power and vetoed Kate’s Law. As unfortunate as that is, it’s not where we give up. Mr. President, it is important that the American people see where the Senate stands when it comes to their safety.

Therefore, I move to override the President’s veto, and yield.


Congress & Supreme Court Admin

Admin NPCs:
Rep. Derek H. Gray (D-TX-20)

Speaker of the House & Democratic Party Chair


The Hon. John Roberts

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

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Mr. President,

When it comes to the safety of American families, we have to fight with everything we have. I hope more of our colleagues across the aisle will join us in this fight to protect the American people from dangerous criminals who are repeatedly reentering our country after already being deported once, twice, as many as five times in the case of the man who killed Kate Steinle. This man was a repeat offender who had previously been convicted of multiple felonies. It has to stop. Lives are at stake and we have to do the right thing.

This shouldn't be a partisan issue, and it can't wait for a big grand bargain on overhauling our entire immigration system.

I second the motion to override the President's veto.

I yield.

Senator Holly Hawthorne (R-AK)

@HollyHawthorne | Join the Freedom Caucus!

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Alright, we have a motion to override the President's veto.  With the reminder that this is not a question of a simple majority (OOC: And therefore there's a good chance that when I call the vote the result will be different from what the spreadsheet says in terms of pass/fail), the motion having been made and seconded...

48-hour vote to override the President's veto of Kate's Law.

Andrew Byrd (and family), Virginia

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