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Pinnacle Supports Positive Extraterrestrial Relations


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Characters Referenced: Christopher Drake Parker Pinnacle

Washington, D.C. — Today in the House of Representatives, Congressman Pinnacle privately expressed support for Speaker Drake’s Extraterrestrial Relations Act of 2023. The Speaker’s bill, if passed, will establish the Office of the Extraterrestrial Relations (OETR) under the U.S. Department of State in order to maintain our positive dialogue with otherworldly neighbors.

The Congressman further offered amendments that will make the head of the OETR an advisor to the President’s National Security Council and Office of Science and Technology Policy.


“Extraterrestrial beings bring a lot to the table with regards to science, security, and innovation. The best way to utilize their contributions is to ensure we’re fully evaluating everything they do; understanding who they are and what they bring. These preliminary amendments are push towards just that,” said Pinnacle.

Lastly, the Congressman hopes to extend the civil and criminal jurisdiction of federal courts to disputes between Americans and ETs. This, he suggests, will help regulate inevitable personal, political, and business relationships between average citizens and our extraterrestrial counterparts.


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Dr. Parker Pinnacle

Republican for Texas

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