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Rep. Pinnacle Speaks in Favor of ANWR Act


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Washington, D.C. — This morning, Congressman Parker Pinnacle (R-TX) spoke on the House Floor in favor of the American Needs Worthwhile Resources (ANWR) Act. The bill aims to protect American energy independence and security by ensuring oil development within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, unless both houses of Congress direct otherwise.


“As Texans and people across the country suffer from rising gas prices, OPEC countries and hostile nations are thriving off of our dependence on foreign natural oil; oil that we have an abundance of right here in the United States.” — Rep. Pinnacle

The Congressman cited estimates that production in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will bring:

• nearly 100,000 American jobs

• over 10 billion barrels of oil

• $300 billion in federal revenue and debt reduction


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Dr. Parker Pinnacle

Republican for Texas

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