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Fitzgerald Introduces Ban Conflicted Trading Act


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Characters Referenced: Kyle Fitzgerald

From The Office of Kyle Fitzgerald
For Immediate Release 

Washington, DC – Sen. Kyle Fitzgerald (R-WV) spoke to the press after introducing the Ban Conflicted Trading Act.

“I agree with the members of Congress and the many members of the American public who want to ban Congress from trading stocks. Recently, certain members of Congress have abused the classified information we have access to. They take that information, use it to trade stocks, and then turn a profit. In the real world, that’s called insider trading and people go to jail for it. But for some reason, members of Congress have gotten away with it. This needs to stop. That’s why I introduced the Ban Conflicted Trading Act. This bill prohibits members of Congress from buying and selling stocks, entering into a transaction that creates a net short position in a security, or sitting on the board of a for-profit company. It will end the conflicts of interest that arise when members of Congress take sensitive information and use it to make money. The American people don’t trust Congress as a whole, and this kind of stuff is exactly why. Let’s do the right thing and pass this bill so that the American people can trust their government a little more.”

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Former President Kyle Fitzgerald

Three-Time Republican Nominee

Nobel Peace Prize Winner

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