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Speaker Drake Touts House Republican Accomplishments


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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Speaker of the House Christopher Drake (R) spoke to reporters in Washington, D.C. to tout House Republican accomplishments so far, a few months after they retook the majority in the November 2022 elections. House Republicans have so far passed several bills to get tough on China, stimulate the economy and combat inflation, and repeal radical legislation enacted by House Democrats last session. 

The Xinjiang Prohibition Act, sponsored by Representative Audrey Van Horn (R-WV-1), bars goods manufactured in the Chinese province of Xinjiang (where there is widespread exploitation of the ethnic Uyghur population, with conditions akin to concentration camps with forced labor and government brutality) from entry into the United States. "We should not be enabling slave labor," Speaker Drake said. "The genocide of the Uyghur population in Xinjiang is disgusting. Americans are rightly horrified, and we won't stand by and not only let China get away with it, but profit from it ourselves. No, we won't, and that's why we passed this bill with overwhelming support out of the House." 

The Navigable Waters Protection Act and the Preserving Family Farms Act are both aimed at providing relief and boosting the economy of rural America and agricultural communities. "The Waters of the United States rule, which has been pushed by the Obama and now the Biden Administrations, is a dangerous overreach that stands to cost farmers and consumers millions, for little to no real benefit. Meanwhile, the death tax is a huge burden for family farms as they pass from one loved one to another. These two bills will provide relief and help us cool off inflation in food prices while stimulating the economy at the same time." 

The Unborn Children's Health Protection Act repeals the radical overreaching abortion bill passed by Democrats last year, which abolishes several common-sense abortion regulations enacted by red and blue states across the nation. This fulfills a major promise of Speaker Drake's on the campaign trail. 

"We've got so much more coming," Speaker Drake finished. "Right now, we are debating more economic bills, parental rights bills, and more. Voting is just beginning, and I expect all to pass. I've also introduced several new bills, ones relating to immigration, infrastructure, and energy. We are on track to stimulate the economy, secure our borders, establish friendly relations with aliens, and more this session. We are in full gear towards fulfilling the mandate given to us by the American people. I look forward to continuing our work, along with Majority Whip Diaz, and delivering results for the people."

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