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Speaker Drake Gives Update on ET Committee


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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Speaker Christopher Drake (R-NY-2) spoke to reporters today about progress in the Congressional Joint ET Committee, giving an update as to current knowledge about extraterrestrial races, technology, and capabilities. 

"The main race we are dealing with calls themselves the 'Scolveks'. Unsurprisingly, their technology is very, very advanced compared to our's, given that they are capable of galactic travel. The Scolveks are at the head of a benevolent alliance of different species--you might compare it to something like NATO--that seek to promote peace and stability. They aren't the first extraterrestrial race to come to Earth or make contact with humanity, but they seem to be the ones with whom we are most aligned. There are also some non-friendly extraterrestrial species out there, but as we are under the protection of the Scolveks and their allies, we are safe from them. They've been successfully protecting us for awhile. 

"For those interested in how the Scolveks live, they are capable of telepathy, which is their primary form of communication, though they can communicate verbally as well. Their economy is capitalistic, and their culture around that promotes personal glory through peaceful market means. Sounds almost American if you ask me! Seeking glory or fame through success in business is no stranger to us. Personally, I think that makes them seem a little less alien. They govern themselves democratically, though their telepathy allows for a different kind of democracy than the one we might think of here on Earth. The Scolveks also have a ceremonial head of state, like many countries on Earth do. So while they may seem quite alien, they are similar to us in many significant ways, and we hope that will allow us to build a bridge of strong communication, trade, and friendship. 

"Soon, I hope to hear directly from the Scolveki ambassador himself. I personally want to talk about trade for very impressive advanced technologies--perhaps some that would allow humanity to defend itself from aggression or disease or something like that, or more advanced forms of power generation that would allow for more efficient, cleaner energy sources to populate the market worldwide. I know the members of the ET Committee have their own questions and goals with that, and I'll let them speak on it themselves." 

Speaker Drake also assured the press that Marco Rubio's removal from the Committee had nothing to do with Rubio's statements or politics. "Marco is a hard-working, stand-up guy. He was great on the Committee. This was just a regular post-election Committee shuffle. That's all." 

Speaker Drake also promised more regular updates for the public from the ET Committee.

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Christopher Drake

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