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“My fellow Americans, I come to you this evening to address a growing international concern that impacts the entire global community. This concern is the civil war in Turkey. For months we have watched as the situation continued to spiral out of control. President Erdogan has lost the consent of the govern as the majority of the Turkish people have called for his resignation. As a member of NATO the Turkish people are our ally and we have extended our arm of support for the people. I have spoken with President Erdogan and expressed our global position taken by a majority of NATO countries. We have asked for a ceasefire and allow for supervised elections. This request was refused and President Erdogan refused to listen to the will of his people. Instead of a peaceful resolution to this crisis, President Erdogan has chosen to continue the violence and with the recent sale of weapons from Russia this situation is quickly becoming more catastrophic. We have a duty to stand by our allies and to protect life wherever possible. We must stop the violence which is why I have been working with our other allies, such as France, Great Britain, Canada, Italy, Iceland, and Germany, and we will be invoking a no-fly zone around Turkey and I’ve ordered the 6th fleet to move into position to enforce the no-fly zone. This action will remain in place until President Erdogan listens to the will of the people in Turkey and ends the violence.  The United States has and always will stand by our allies especially the Turkish people. Thank you and God bless the United States and God Bless the Turkish people as they go through this crisis. “

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