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Whip levels will be posted here for each vote and will be based on the following:

Free Vote - Party leadership has no official position, and Senators are free to vote for/against as they prefer.
Level 1 Aye/Nay - Party leadership's official position is for/against, but Senators may vote against the whip based on strong convictions.
Level 2 Aye/Nay - Senators are expected to vote with the whip unless they believe it would significantly harm re-election.
Level 3 Aye/Nay - Senators are expected to vote with the whip unless clearing a vote against the whip with party leadership* first.
Level 4 Aye/Nay - Senators are expected to vote with the whip without exception, and serious consequences may result if they don't.

* Party leadership includes the PPT (if in the majority), the Leader, the Whip, and the Chair. Senators are expected to consult the Whip before breaking a Level 3 whip, who will discuss the situation with the rest of party leadership and return a decision.

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Senator Holly Hawthorne (R-AK)

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