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Fund Management Offer

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Barring an objection from @Bruce, after SWM reached out to me I've decided to make an offering via Mr. Anderson (my tycoon):

Anyone who would like to see funds placed in the stock market but who cannot do so for any reason can transfer money to Anderson.  This will be invested in the broader-market ETF.  I will keep track of how many shares you have held for you.  Unless instructed otherwise, when the 3% quarterly dividends pay out, Anderson will return 2.5% to you [retaining the remaining 0.5% as a management fee).  If you want the funds returned to you, let me know and I'll do my best to orchestrate sales to facilitate that ASAP [but please don't all ask for your money back at the absolute last minute going into an election; the 40% transfer limit means that I might have to "stack up" transfers for a few days if things get "backed up"].

Andrew Byrd (and family), Virginia

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