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GOP votes to protect multi-millionaires, billionaires, and mega corporations


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Characters Referenced: Christopher Drake Litzy Gonzalez

From the Office of Democratic Representative Litzy Gonzalez

In Congress, the Republican party has shown their hand as the defenders of multi-millionaires, billionaires, and mega corporations. They are by no means representatives of the working class in the least.

Recently in debate on the Tax the Rich Act, House minority leader moved to amend out the wealth tax that would only affect the extremely wealthy in the country, falsely claiming that such a tax would be unconstitutional even though it isn't and directly aligns with the viewpoints of the founders. Even then though when they got their way and the wealth tax was removed they all voted against it because it increased the estate tax on multi-millionaires and billionaires. This bill would have give a yearly stimulus check of $2,000 a year to all American adults that make $100,000 or less without increasing taxes on more than 99% of Americans, but the GOP unanimously chose the ultra wealthy over the working and middle class. At the end of the day they will never side with ordinary Americans over the ultra wealthy even when 68% of Americans agree in doing so.

Additionally, the GOP has voted unanimously to oppose corporations with incomes exceeding $10 million a year from paying increased taxes on the Corporate Tax Dodging Prevention Act. This directly opposes what the majority of Americans feel on the matter, with polling showing that 3/4th of Americans including 59% of Republicans support higher taxes on corporations. They like to pretend they're for the little guy but it's transparent who they really serve. For all they like to cry about "big tech" they wouldn't ever dare make "big tech" have to pay higher taxes. Why, the American public would like that they certainly can't do something like that.

It's pathetic and a Republican congress would continue to be best friends with the ultra wealthy and mega corporations. They aren't on your side, they never have been.

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Democratic Representative Litzy Gonzalez

Texas Congressional District 35

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