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Minority Leader Drake Lays Out Republican House Agenda


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WASHINGTON, D.C. - House Minority Leader Christopher Drake (R-NY-2) spoke to reporters today to lay out what the House GOP will do if it captures the majority in 2022, after President Joe Biden said Drake would cause needless obstruction and shut down the government. 

“No, we’re not going to shut down the government. Instead, we’re going to make the government work for the people again,” Drake said. “The Biden Administration, Nancy Pelosi, and Majority Leader Gonzalez have lead a radical administration and majority in Congress, far more than they had any kind of mandate for. Things like humongous, illegal tax hikes, top-down federal repeal of common-sense pro-life laws and forcing taxpayers to fund abortion, none of that is supported by voters. Democrats were elected to shut down COVID and improve the economy, and instead, all we got were further lockdowns and economic malaise. In Congress, if we get the majority, here’s what Republicans are gonna do. We’re going to tackle inflation and spur the economy. We’re going to prioritize American jobs and energy. We’re going to make sure the Biden Administration doesn’t start shutting the country down again and again. We’re going to face our immigration crisis head on at the Southern border, whereas the Biden administration would prefer to pretend it doesn’t exist. We’re going to usher us into a new era of trade and cooperation with an alien species. We’re going to do all of that and more. Here’s what we aren’t going to do: shut down the government needlessly, obstruct important proceedings and happenings. I have a record of bipartisanship and compromise as Minority Leader, and I will maintain that responsible record as I continue to lead the caucus. Thank you.”

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Christopher Drake

Republican, NY-2

Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Former Chief Administrator - Rounds 4 & 5, Evil Arch-Conservative, Frequent Republican Player


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