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Biden: "Promises Kept"


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Characters Referenced: Christopher Drake Chuck Schumer Joe Biden Litzy Gonzalez Nancy Pelosi

Speaker Pelosi, HML Gonzalez, and SML Schumer joined the President at a bill signing ceremony at the White House to witness the signing of the Raise the Wage Act and the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act into law. The President spoke at the ceremony, stating:

"Promises to the American people were kept today thanks to these Democratic leaders in Congress. We are raising the federal minimum wage to $15/hour to help families across the country. We are ending the archaic practice of federal marijuana criminalization. But our work is not done. We're doing our part, but the American people need to step up now. We need to keep Democrats in the majority in Congress so that we can continue the good work like you see here today. If Congressman Drake becomes Speaker next year, he's going to try to shut this government down and that's not acceptable."

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