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HR 15 - Technology Protection and Global Freedom Promotion Act


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Having passed both houses of Congress, this bill is recommended to the President for his signature or veto.


(1) Bars any American corporation or any corporation with a federal contract from bidding on or performing work on behalf of the government of a country not designated a "friendly country" with respect to the development, advancement, or administration of a state-directed internet censorship system.
(1a) Establishes a definition of a "friendly country" as being presumed to include those with which the United States has a defensive alliance (e.g. NATO) or an intelligence-sharing agreement (e.g. Five Eyes).  Grants the Secretary of State the ability to designate other countries as such, with such designations having to be renewed not less often than once every four years.
(2) Bars any American corporation from enforcing the standards of such a system on the reporting of news.
(3) Establishes "news search neutrality rules" which explicitly restrict American corporations from restricting or manipulating searches of the Tienanmen Square massacre, the Xinjiang/Uyghur camps, Taiwanese independence, or Hong Kong democratic movements on a geographic basis.  Provides regulatory authority via the State Department to add other incidents which may be subject to similar restrictions, but those items explicitly indicated may not be deleted from any such list.
(4) Sets a fine of $1000 per post for the removal or suppression of "otherwise permissible content which is removed as a result of a demand for removal by a government other than a friendly government as part of a censorship campaign" from any social media website or service.


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