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Janice Adams (Fictional NPC)


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Name: Janice Adams
Home State: Alaska
Political Philosophy: Moderate Conservative

Birth Year: 1988
Education Level: Master's Degree
Previous Occupation: Non-Elected Official/Political Staffer
Wealth: Lower-Middle Class

Race: Native American or Alaskan Native
Gender: Female
Religion: Christian (Protestant)
Family Structure: Straight, unmarried, no children

Political Consultant

  • Known to be a fierce go-getter specializing in overcoming obstacles
  • Briefly served as a staffer to the mayor of Juneau, Alaska
  • Has only worked local campaigns prior to being hired by Lisa Murkowski in her 2022 re-election bid
    • It is rumored that Murkowski was rejected by numerous national consultants, forcing her to choose a relative unknown


Bonus: 10% more effective ads

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Unable to find any clients for the 2024 election, this character retires from providing consulting services. 

Janice Adams 0-3   10% more effective ads



20 0 30 100



Janice Adams     $1,200,000
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