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Powell Announces Re-Election Bid


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Hello everyone! Thank you for being here! I have something very special I would like to announce. I am running once again to be your United States Senator! I hope you all will join me in my quest to make a difference for this country, together we can make history! Here will be my main platforms in my campaign, restoring democracy, fighting for humanity, and caring about everyday americans.

On that first point, we need to make sure our democracy is one where everyone can vote easily and frequently. We need to outlaw gerrymandering. We need to outlaw dark money. We need to make it so your vote cannot be suppressed by those republicans who know that the people will vote them out. For far too long, minorities have been discriminated against by things like voter ID and exact match and felony disenfranchisement. All of these are designed to make sure people can't vote. In my view, since we are a democracy after all, every single person who wants to should be able to vote! We also need our votes to matter! In 2000, the american people voted for Al Gore, but the loser is ended up in the white house. That is not american! We need to make a real democracy and we need it soon before the republicans can continue to go against the will of the people and pass radical legislation.

On the point of fighting for humanity, we need to make sure that our fellow men are not forgotten about. We need to intervene when we think there is genocide happening. We need to give aide to those in impoverished countries. And we need to reassert ourselves as the main player on the world stage. The player that cares about all people no matter their skin color or citizenship or creed or sexual orientation or gender. We need to put humanity first.

On the last, and most important point, we must fight for the rights and safety of all americans. I'm talking no to school prayer, no to bathroom bills, no to privatizing healthcare and taking it away from people, and a special no to those who try to fight against people with pre-existing conditions. I'm also talking saying yes to the equality act. Yes to equal housing. Yes to workers fighting for rights. Yes to women seeking an abortion because it is nobody's business what a woman does with her body! Yes to a higher minimum wage, yes to abolishing right-to-work. 

We need drastic action and that is why I am running for senate, we can make history, but we can only do it with you on our side. So join us, and we can change america!

William C. Motter D-CO-02 (Boulder, Fort Collins, Broomfield)


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