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Minigame Guide


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All characters are able to create a corporation using the IdleCapitalist bot on the GPS Discord server. See the dedicated IdleCapitalist channel already on the GPS server. The minigame itself is considered OOC (meaning the cash is not transferable to your IC cash on hand), but corporations are permitted apply to go public on the IC stock exchange, allowing tycoon characters to buy and trade their stock. The stock price of these corporations are included in the regular stock market updates and fluctuate based on overall IC economic condition, player activity, and other factors. 

Please refer to the subsequent posts in this thread for how to play guides provided by https://idlecapitalist.com/

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Getting Started

If you haven't yet, you need to start off by creating an account! To do this, run $start.

You will then get a DM from the bot with some basic info, and asked if you would like to run the tutorial. The tutorial is highly recommended to learn some basic commands of the bot.

You can now check out your brand new account with $profile!

Increasing Your Income

Now that you have your account up and running, lets start bringing in the money!


  • Your income is received every minute, and you can collect it with $collect.
  • Businesses: The main way you increase your income is by purchasing businesses!
    • View available businesses with $b
    • Each business has its own income, and the costs increase every time you purchase a new one.
    • You can unlock more businesses by increasing your income and by prestiging.
    • To purchase a business, use $buy [ID] [amount|max]
    • For a more detailed look at a business, use $b [ID]
  • Research: You can research your businesses to gain a +10% Income Boost!
    • View available research with $research


Prestige is the most important aspect of IdleCapitalist, and it is used to boost your income exponentially!


  • When you prestige, you are able to "reset" and start over fresh!
  • When prestiging:
    • You keep: Coins, Briefcases, Warps, Permanent Multipliers, and Mine Upgrades
    • You lose: Cash, Prestige Points, Businesses, Research, and Income Multipliers
  • By prestiging, you will earn: Prestige Points, Coins, and Briefcases
    • Prestige Points are used to purchase Income Multipliers, which will give you a big boost in your next run.
    • The amount you receive depends on how much cash you have!

Other Info


  • Coins are used to purchase Permanent Multipliers and other Shop Boosts!
  • They can be received from Prestige, Voting, Tasks, and Briefcases.
  • Briefcases can be opened to earn prizes such as cash, coins, multipliers, and businesses!
  • They can be received from voting, prestige, tasks, or in the shop.
  • Time Warps give you X hours of income instantly!
  • They can be purchased in the shop, or received from tasks.
  • Daily Tasks:
    • You can complete daily tasks to earn warps and coins.
    • Check them out with $tasks
  • Weekly Tasks:
    • You can complete daily tasks to earn warps, coins, and briefcases.
    • Check them out with $wt
Moon Colony
  • The Moon Colony is a seperate location and it has its own set of businesses!
  • The only things you share between the Colonies are coins, briefcases, permanent multipliers, and warps.
  • To keep your Moon Colony operating and generating income, you must purchase Life Support Units!
  • The Moon can be purchased after you own 5,000 Space Centers.

Further Help

Here are a few more resources to help you out:
  • $tutorial: Use the interactive tutorial to learn some basics
  • $guide: View some basic information to get started
  • Questions or Concerns? Join our Support Server
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Prestige Guide

The default prefix used in this guide is $, however you can change the prefix in your server with $prefix [new prefix]



  • When you prestige, you are able to "reset" and start over with a higher multiplier.
  • When prestiging, you will earn:
    • Prestige Points
      • Used to purchase Income Multipliers, which will give you a big boost in your next run.
      • Income Multipliers can be found in $shop 1.
      • The number of Prestige Points you receive is based on how much cash you have saved!
    • Briefcases
    • Coins

What You Keep and Lose

When prestiging, you keep:
  • Coins
  • Briefcases
  • Warps
  • Permanent Multipliers
  • Mine Upgrades
When prestiging, you lose:
  • Cash
  • Prestige Points
  • Businesses
  • Research
  • Income Multipliers

When to Prestige


  • Timing your prestige correctly is extremely important to get the most out of each one.
  • Each prestige, you should aim for a higher multiplier than the previous prestige.
  • The cash required for Prestige Points (PP) increases every time:
    • Prestige 1 = $12,000 per PP
    • Prestige 2 = $56,000 per PP
    • Prestige 3 = $144,000 per PP
    • Prestige 4 = $288,000 per PP
    • Prestige 5 = $500,000 per PP
    • And so on...

Recommended Prestiges

It is recommended that you prestige with at least these many prestige points:


  • Prestige 1: 100,000 PP
  • Prestige 2: 1,000,000 PP
  • Prestige 3: 10,000,000 PP
  • Prestige 4: 100,000,000 PP
  • Prestige 5: 250,000,000 PP
  • And so on...
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🌎 Earth Businesses

  1. Pizza Shop 🍕

    No Prestige Req.

  2. Car Wash 🚗

    No Prestige Req.

  3. Restaurant 🍽

    No Prestige Req.

  4. Bank 🏛

    No Prestige Req.

  5. Oil Company 🛢

    No Prestige Req.

  6. Airport 

    Unlocked at Prestige 1

  7. Hospital 🏥

    Unlocked at Prestige 2

  8. Shipyard 🚢

    Unlocked at Prestige 3

  9. Car Factory 🏭

    Unlocked at Prestige 5

  10. Space Center 🚀

    Unlocked at Prestige 8

  11. University 🏫

    Unlocked at Prestige 10

  12. Robotics Factory 🤖

    Unlocked at Prestige 12

  13. Real Estate Firm 🏘

    Unlocked at Prestige 14

  14. Uranium Mine 🏗

    Unlocked at Prestige 16

  15. Geothermal Power Plant 

    Unlocked at Prestige 18

  16. Nuclear Reactor 

    Unlocked at Prestige 20

  17. Software Development Firm 💻

    Unlocked at Prestige 22

  18. Telecommunications Industry 📞

    Unlocked at Prestige 24

  19. Virtual Reality 🥽

    Unlocked at Prestige 26


🌘 Moon Businesses

  1. Satellite 🛰

    No Prestige Req.

  2. Lunar Outpost 📡

    No Prestige Req.

  3. Solar Field 

    No Prestige Req.

  4. Moon Hotel 🏢

    Unlocked at Prestige 1

  5. Interstellar Mall 🏨

    Unlocked at Prestige 2

  6. Rover Production Plant 🏭

    Unlocked at Prestige 4

  7. Mining Dome 

    Unlocked at Prestige 6

  8. Holographic Projector 🔭

    Unlocked at Prestige 8

  9. Antimatter Condenser 🧫

    Unlocked at Prestige 10

  10. Black Hole Emulator 🕳

    Unlocked at Prestige 12

  11. Ion Storage 📥

    Unlocked at Prestige 14

  12. Forcefield Control 🌐

    Unlocked at Prestige 16

  13. Time Machine ⌛

    Unlocked at Prestige 18

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are prestige points and why should you prestige?

    Prestige allows you to start over and unlock more businesses, progress quicker, and earn more briefcases and coins. Prestige points are used for buying multipliers to regain your income per min and allow you to progress quicker over time.
  2. What happens when you prestige?

    What you keep after Prestige:
    - Coins and Briefcases
    - Permanent Multipliers and Warps
    What you lose:
    - Cash and Prestige Points
    - Current Businesses
    - Income Multipliers
    - Research
  3. How do I earn coins?

    You can earn coins with daily tasks, prestige, briefcases and voting.
  4. How do you increase your income?

    To increase your income, you can purchase businesses, buy multipliers, and research businesses.
  5. How do you increase the max income you can have stored?

    You can increase your income storage cap in the shop ($shop 4). The default is $10,000,000. (This is the maximum amount of money you can have before having to collect it)
  6. Why can I only collect $10 million?

    The default income storage cap is $10,000,000, so to increase this amount you can upgrade it in the shop ($shop 4)
  7. I just started, what do I do?

    To get started, you can check out our interactive tutorial, using $tutorial! You can also run $help or $guide to view more info about IdleCap
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Ready to take your corporation to the public IC stock market? Apply here to using the following template:


Name of Business: 
Stock Ticker Symbol: 
Operating Player(s):
Recommended Starting Price: 


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