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The Whipping Post (Non-Sexualized Version)


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Whips will go here here are the levels as standard

Free Vote: Vote as you please

Line 1 Aye/Nay: This indicates the leadership would like for you to vote a certain way, but if you need to break the Whip just let me know

Line 2 Aye/Nay: This and line 3 will be the most common this indicates party leadership encourages you to follow the party line, if you intend to break the Whip ask me and Dogslife (the SmL soon to be SML) know.

Line 3 Aye/Nay: Probable the most common Whip this is the parties official position if you need to break the whip you must ask both myself and dogs life for permission first, failure to do so will result in your inbox being spammed with Angry PMs.

Line 4 Aye/Nay: The Party is fervently in favor or against this bill you are expected to follow this whip unless you will lose re-election because of the vote. Breaking this whip can result in the following, a primary for your re-election, cutting off funds to your campaign, leadership not campaigning for you, and in extreme cases a full blown party ban for up to a week

Line 5 Aye/Nay: The Nuclear Option, failure to follow the whip will result in the punishments stated in Line 4 plus a permanent party ban

Hartland: The Purification is Coming soon to a Theater near you

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