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GOP amendments seek to criminalize migrant teens and divert focus away from white supremacists


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Characters Referenced: Christopher Drake Juan "Jack" Diaz Litzy Gonzalez

From the Office of Democratic Representative Litzy Gonzalez

Recent amendments to both the Dream Act and Countering Global White Supremacist Terrorism Acts have gone to show how out of touch GOP representatives are.

To begin with, in debate on the Dream Act Florida Republican representative Juan Diaz proposed an amendment to lower the age of applicable protection for Dreamers from age 18 when they entered to the United States to 14. This action would have made poor and desperate Dreamers who merely followed their parents as teens into the country subject to deportation. This cruel standard is a big deviation from the days of "compassionate conservatism" and is a nativist wet dream to punish minors for daring to seek a better life. No huddled masses yearning to breathe free for the GOP.

Additionally in debate on the Dream act New York Republican representative Christopher Drake claimed that "no one is more sympathetic to the plight of Dreamers than I" yet voted against the legislation because it didn't include a border wall, which 60% of Americans oppose the construction of. 74% of Americans support giving legal status to Dreamers. Put blankly, most Americans are more sympathetic to the Dreamers than Mr. Drake who only wants insofar as he can get a border wall as ransom for Dreamer peace of mind.

Lastly I want to touch on GOP actions in debate on the Countering Global White Supremacist Terrorism Act. White supremacists have both risen in prominence and numbers globally since the rise of Donald Trump. You would think the GOP would be more than willing to try and cleanse themselves of the dark stains of the past administration but far from that there is still water carrying for the worst among us. Representative Juan Diaz proposed amending out all mentions of white identity, rendering the entire point of the legislation mute, and replacing it with "racial or ethnic identity". The second you try to call out white supremacy the cries of whataboutism in the GOP grow incessant. Calling out Donald Trump's "very fine people" exclusively is not something they are comfortable with. To quote representative Drake "I think it is wrong to single out any specific racialist movement as a threat" apparently now for the GOP it is morally wrong to focus exclusively on calling out white supremacy and they are completely against focusing on it. Instead they'd rather funding and focus of the bill would be diverted away from just white supremacists so we can focus on the imaginary threat of what one can only imagine are "Hispanic and Asian supremacists". When you have a conversation on countering racism with GOP politicians it's very fitting the conversation quickly turns to "what about minorities?!". 

The highest expression of GOP ignorance on the matter came from representative Juan Diaz who claimed complete ignorance to the global nature of white supremacy we've seen on the rise, despite how well documented the phenomenon is. He went as far as questioning what even is white. Feigning again ignorance to somehow excuse the matter of painting over the highlighted point of the legislation altogether. The white supremacists that chanted "Jews will not replace us" at Charlottesville were not confused like Mr. Diaz is about being white. Patrick Wood Crusius was not confused about being white when he open fired on an El Paso Walmart after being hyped up on "Great replacement theory" nonsense. Dylan Roof was not confused about being white when he open fired on a black church. Ignorance to the issue doesn't mean the issue isn't real or not a problem. GOP resistance to calling out exclusively white supremacists and white supremacy is a contributing factor that has brought us to this point and their resistance to even focusing on white identity is indicative of the growing problem we have.

We need to do better.

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Democratic Representative Litzy Gonzalez

Texas Congressional District 35

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